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Stories From Home

The Story of Alani

A miracle child, living with numerous complications including a heart condition, developmental delay, and is on a feeding tube because she can't have anything in her stomach. After several aspirations of pneumonia she was put on a tracheostomy or her mom Jessica would have lost her. Alani needs full care but with the help of her Interim HealthCare Nurse Jessica knows she don't have to worry about her.

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The Story of Althea

Diagnosed with Huntington’s chorea more than six years ago, Althea has the desire and drive to work with Interim HealthCare in maintaining her motor skills and slowing the progression of her disease. Her husband Victor still is able to work a full time job and considers the caregivers from Interim all part of the family.

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The Story of Benjamin, Samuel and Lydia

Meeting the needs of three teenagers is tough enough but when two have a debilitating and progressive muscular disease it can be overwhelming. For mother Lori Stafford, Interim has made a difference in keeping things as normal as possible.

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The Story of Benny

Army veteran and Certified Nursing Assistant Tabitha Hall probably never expected to provide home care for a Navy veteran, but meeting Benny Jeffus changed all that. 88 year-old Benny and his wife are thankful that Tabitha is taking some of the pressure off of the demands of caring for someone at home and making sure they remain as independent as possible.

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The Story of Bernie

Bernie first met Interim HealthCare Personal Care Aide, Marsha when she provided hospice services for his wife. After his wife’s passing, Bernie realized that a little extra help would go a long way toward helping him adjust to life on his own. And since Marsha was “almost family” anyway, the transition from Hospice to Personal Care services was easy.

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The Story of Betty

Betty Kott is leading an enriched life with the help of Interim Certified Nursing Assistant Margie. Although Betty is an octogenarian, she is never content to just sit around and watch television. Her competitive spirit comes alive though the games she plays that are part of Interim’s HomeLife Enrichment® program for older adults.

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The Story of Debbie

Home. It's a simple word that most of us associate with comfort, familiarity and security. But for Debra Cain, home is – quite literally – her life. Paralyzed from the neck down since her late 20s, but blessed with an indomitable optimism, Debbie’s home is both her touchstone and, in a very real sense, her hospital. And although her house is her world, she certainly isn’t housebound.

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The Story of Delores

Dolores is the beloved matriarch of a seriously large family. With a slew of kids, and a dozen of so grandchildren, this close knit but sprawling Southern family is fond of great big get-togethers and family outings. Since most everyone lives nearby, the family is able to help one another out. And not surprisingly, everyone relies on Delores. But what happens when the one person everybody counts on for help is the one that needs help? The answer is simple: pull together as a family, and count on Interim HealthCare.

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The Story of Donna

Being diagnosed with brain cancer, Donna Clemons is determined not to let the diagnosis get in the way of raising her children in a loving, supportive environment. With the help of family, friends and her Interim HealthCare nurse Charlene, she is keeping a positive frame of mind and making the most of every day.

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The Story of Dori

Being confined to a wheel chair with developmental challenges and cerebral palsy, Dori and her family has a strong bond with Interim HealthCare. Both parents are able to continue working knowing that Dori will get the care she needs.

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The Story of Harriett

Harriet suffered from Congestive Heart Failure. Interim provided a range of services for her – not the least of which was to be ‘the eyes and ears’ for Harriet’s doctors. Through a combination of technology and caring, Harriet’s highly skilled home care team helped improve the safety and quality of her life.

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The Story of Janet

Most of us take our ability to do everyday things – from driving to the grocery store to picking up around the house – for granted. But what happens when you can no longer do those simple things? And when there’s no one around to help? For Janet Parrot, Interim CNA Brianne Lafond plays a key role in helping her maintain her independence and quality of life.

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The Story of June

A stroke during a weekend boat trip landed normally active June in the hospital. After discharge from the hospital and rehab facility , her physician decided that physical therapy (PT) should be part of her recovery plan. Today, June works with an Interim Personal Care Aide (PCA) as well as a Physical Therapist to strengthen her muscles, speed her recovery, and improve her quality of life. Normally very active, June looks forward to getting back on the tennis courts as soon as she’s able.

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The Story of Lawrence

Delivering private care in the home is about making a difference and improving lives. To do that well, it starts with a relationship. For Interim CNA Sandra Payne and her client Lawrence Stein, that relationship is reflected in everything from cooking that special dish to sharing a story. Interim HealthCare employee Andrea Arjona spent a good deal time with Mr. Stein in order to truly learn about his personality before matching him with the right caregiver – which turned out to be Sandra Payne.

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The Story of Ray

WW II veteran Ray Perkins lives alone in a retirement home. And while the facility provides a range of services, they can’t do everything. Interim's Personal Care Aide (PCA), Barbara Keithcart helps ‘fill in the gaps’ with medication reminders, help around the apartment, and companionship. Since Ray lives far from members of his immediate family, those little things can really make a day-to-day difference in the quality of his life.

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The Story of Rhonda

A life changing event brought Interim HealthCare into the life of Rhonda Reese. She became paralyzed from the neck down and now and receives services from a very special Certified Nursing Assistant who helps provide the care she needs to remain in the comfort of her home.

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The Story of Bradley

Bradley is the consummate miracle boy. First came a near fatal brush with the H1N1 virus - an episode that his father emotionally recalls…racing down the rural back roads of South Carolina en route to a hospital in Charleston, his son in the ambulance ahead…his doctors fighting to diagnose and save him…the five months that Bradley spent in that hospital recovering…and the life changes and challenges he faced upon returning home.

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The Story of Verlin

Verlin Anderson is no ordinary weekend warrior! A lifelong jock and septuagenarian hoops star, Verlin has been on the move since he played college basketball for the Fighting Sioux of University of North Dakota alongside NBA coaching great Phil Jackson. Now a retired pharmaceutical executive, Verlin hasn’t let age – or two total knee replacements – keep him out of the game.

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