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Senior Health

When it comes to health and well-being, seniors often have a variety of concerns. As a person begins to age, many health problems become more likely to occur, including problems that affect both the body and mind. Some of these problems are unavoidable but fortunately, modern medicine has made great strides in treating them. 

Today, becoming a senior doesn’t mean you are automatically doomed to a life of health problems. A number of steps can be taken to help preserve good health well into a person’s golden years.  For example, research suggests that maintaining a healthy weight is important to help reduce the risk for such chronic health problems as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. This can be accomplished through eating a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Exercise and Older Adults

Throughout life, most people have been taught that maintaining a well-balanced diet and staying physically active are the two key ingredients to making the most of their overall well-being. For seniors, it's even more important to stay physically active as it can do number of things for an older person’s health, which includes reversing signs and symptoms of aging.

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Senior Nutrition

Everyone knows that proper nutrition contributes to the best possible health. This is especially true for older individuals and those who have chronic diseases. Poor physical health, depression and loneliness can also play a key role in poor eating habits.

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Older Adults Taking Medications

Taking medicines may be “old hat” to you but for a senior, it can be confusing or something new that seems hard to remember. Whether the older adult has taken medicines before or not, there are some important things to remember about taking those pills each day.

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Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure

If someone is living with hypertension, consider some of these tips to help bring their blood pressure down. Unfortunately, high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is an issue that is very common in seniors and is also a major health problem. According to the National Institute of Aging, high blood pressure can often lead to eye problems, kidney failure, stroke and heart disease, if ignored.

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Seniors and Zika Virus

The first outbreak of the Zika virus occurred in 2007 according to the World Health Organization. Transmitted by infected mosquito bites, it has been quickly traveling from continent to continent in alarming numbers.

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