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HomeLife Enrichment® Benefits Older Adults

The Interim HealthCare HomeLife Enrichment® Program is an exciting way of helping seniors that goes beyond just “sitting” with the senior and providing traditional non-medical supportive services.
Interim offers a philosophy and an experience that engages seniors and contributes to not only a safe and independent lifestyle, but also one that is enriched with meaning and self-worth.
Through Interim HealthCare's unique HomeLife Enrichment Program, seniors are viewed in more than the conventional one dimension of meeting their physical needs. Through the Home-Life Enrichment ProGram, Interim addresses the broader issues seniors face as they experience the journey of aging. This is accomplished in a variety of services and programs that relate to the: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Family.
Over a span of more than 50 years, Interim has found that sometimes seniors need just a little encouragement to help them pursue interests that will help keep their minds stimulated and their lives enriched. The HomeLife Enrichment program is the perfect approach to providing that encouragement and making a difference in the lives of seniors and their families.  For more information about the Interim HealthCare HomeLife Enrichment Program, call an Interim HealthCare office near you.

Brain Fitness

Familiar with the phrase: “A healthy mind makes a healthy body?” We are too – which is why our services are designed to promote engagement, fun and stimulation. You may not know it, but many seniors sit alone or watch television much of the day, which provides little to no stimulation.

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Caregiver's Coaching

Family care giving can be one of the most rewarding experiences if people have the right support – both in the form of tangible services such as traditional home care by Interim HealthCare and emotional and family support provided by The Caregiver's Coaching Program.

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Healthy Movements

Healthy movements are an important part of good mental and physical fitness at any age. If a client has an interest and ability to participate in some physical activities, like walking in their neighborhood, our Care Professionals are available to participate, and be a part of this activity.

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Pals2Pets Program

Since we know a number of individuals receiving home care are pet owners, we realized a value in providing additional training for employees who are caring for these individuals. Interim HealthCare has partnered with the national Humane Society University to develop a series of advanced training courses for care professionals. The Pals2Pets® program is part of Interim HealthCare’s HomeLife Enrichment® Program, which focuses on helping people live enriched, safe and independent lives.

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