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Vitce Magana

Client Care Specialist

Vitce Magana, Client Care Specialist

Since Vitce Magana has joined our Personal Care and Support Services Division, as a Client Care Specialist, her focus is to provide quality of care and services to our clients in their time of need. Her position allows her to meet new clients from different walks of life, as well as to identify and understand their needs, which is essential to correctly match a caregiver to clients. Vitce’s goal is to ensure that our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are here to help when they need us most. She brings to her position several years of management experience, of nonmedical facilities, and human resources knowledge. Outside of the office, Vitce enjoys quality time with her family and sons attending sport events, concerts and outside activities.  Some of her hobbies include going the movies, snowboarding, volleyball and cooking.

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