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Darlyn Baker, RN

Owner / Director

Darlyn Baker, RN, Owner / Director

Darlyn Baker, RN describes her role at Interim HealthCare as one who focuses on promoting ideas and methods to ensure folks receive quality care to remain safe at home.  As the founder of Interim HealthCare in Bakersfield, Darlyn describes how she recognized the need for homecare services after witnessing her patients leaving the hospital sicker and quicker.  Darlyn knew families needed to be caregivers for their loved ones at home and that set the business plan in motion.  As an RN who promotes a high standard of excellence, she wants to make everything right for clients, family, and staff.  When looking for staff, she considers those who can enhance what her current team does by being genuine, honest and caring.  Darlyn finished nursing school at a young age of 20. Being a hospital nurse, then a wife, then a mother and now a business owner, her sense of pride continues to flourish.  Her passion is to be a role model for her children and grandchildren. One of the notable chapters of her life was when she worked as a Department of Army Civilian nurse in Seoul, South Korea while her husband, Chuck, was stationed there in the Army in 1967 - 1968.  Darlyn has published in 3 different nursing journals, taught student nurses at the local community college, and has been recognized by her peers for her leadership in nursing. 

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