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Posted: 9/30/2021 8:41 AM by Interim HealthCare

As the pandemic presses on, many medical administrators are seeking out the services of nursing agencies in Anaheim to meet the demand for care — and to support their overwhelmed nursing staff. Nursing has always been a difficult job, but as patient-to-nurse ratios rise and wave after wave of COVID-19 cases hit, the risk of burnout is higher than ever. 

Interim HealthCare of Anaheim is a locally owned nursing agency that works closely with care providers all throughout the area. As well as backing up your current team and filling open positions, we can also share some key techniques to reduce burnout risk among nurses on staff.

Supportive Techniques from Nursing Agencies in Anaheim

While there are many aspects of your work environment you can't change, there are ways to help ease the pressure your nursing staff experiences each day. Making sure your team feels respected and heard is important for overall morale. You should also take any steps possible to honor the boundaries between work life and home life.

What could this look like in practice? The care professionals at our nursing agency in Anaheim suggest the following:

  • Showing compassion and care with scheduling - When you're overwhelmed and short-staffed, your instinct may be to reject requests for schedule changes or time off just to keep things running smoothly. However, doing so can lead to greater resentment and a higher risk of burnout among your nursing staff. Give your staff the chance to have a life outside of work and they'll repay you for it with greater alertness and engagement.  
  • Making self-care services and resources available on-site and at home - Are there any self-care methods you can incorporate at work, whether it's some form of counseling, mindfulness sessions, or a quiet place to rest? Try to carve out space or time for your team to rest and recalibrate. You should also recommend online resources they can use at home. 
  • Praising your team consistently for good work - If you're worried that your team is demoralized, check in regularly to discuss their concerns, acknowledge their efforts and successes, and remind everyone why they chose this role.

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