When is an Appropriate Time to Discuss Funeral Planning with Mom and Dad?

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Posted: 9/2/2020 5:58 PM by Interim HealthCare
It is always best to have initial conversations with mom and dad about their wishes related to their funeral. It's usually easier to discuss when emotions are neutral and before a diagnosis or something catastrophic occurs. Preplanning a burial provides a strategy and ensures the wishes of your loved ones are honored. When preplanning doesn't happen and having to plan at the time of death makes it much more difficult while you are in a grieving state of mind.
There are many questions in funeral planning. Do they want to be buried or cremated? Is there a specific place in mind? Do they want a celebration of life service at a church, gravesite, or are you simply spreading the ashes? These are but just a few questions that you will want to know.
With age, it seems more people are more accepting that we will all die one day. Why is it that such an inevitable outcome is so difficult to discuss? Most of us at one time or another will be faced with planning a funeral for mom, dad, or someone we love.   
Preplanning a funeral has many benefits:
It removes the burden off the family and allows them to grieve and process their loss. Dealing with the details of a funeral can be overwhelming, especially when emotions are raw. Having the specifics on burial, service, and other information in advance will give the family a sense of peace; they honored mom or dad's wishes. Second-guessing and trying to determine what they would have wanted to add unnecessary stress. 
It removes the stress and worries about the financial aspect of funeral arrangements. Preparing or setting aside money before death is essential and relieves the family from figuring out how it will be an aid for or being forced to choose an undesirable method due to the financial hardship that can likely occur.
It allows the family to have a meaningful funeral that enables them to process their loss and move towards closure. The social aspect of celebrating a life, although accompanied by sorrow, is healthy for people to participate in and aids in the healing process.
It takes the process's guesswork and allows the family to honor you in the way you wanted. 
It isn't easy when left with more questions than answers; allow the family to know in advance what your wishes are so they can provide a proper goodbye with friends and family.        
It allows the one who passes to have all the affairs in order and was self-reliant until the end of life. Many take pride in being independent and tying up loose ends and ensuring that all areas of the planning are taken care of will lessen the burden on the rest of the family. They will appreciate that these arrangements were made in advance and focus on their own emotions in dealing with the loss.
Khari Knight, the owner of Willow Bridge Cremation Solutions, is a trusted Funeral Director in the Orange County area for over 25 years and helps families with cremation services and celebration of life services. She can be contacted at (657) 221-4321 and can find more helpful information at  willowbridgecreamtionsolutions.com. 
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