The Benefits of Home Care Agency Instead of Hiring a Private Caregiver

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Posted: 8/22/2020 9:29 AM by Interim HealthCare
Home care includes professional support services that allow an elderly or senior loved one to live safely at home. Investing in home care can provide assistance with your senior loved one who is aging and wants to remain independent or help in managing a chronic health issue. In-home care can also assist in the recovery of a patient who has recently been released from the hospital and needs assistance with getting safely around the house while recovering.
Here is a summary of services provided with a home care agency versus utilizing a private caregiver: 

The development of a comprehensive plan of care. Home Care Agencies utilize plans of care that are tailored to the individual loved one in ensuring that all aspects of care are included on each visit. Before the caregiver leaves for the day, the caregiver marks off the items on the care plan for that day to ensure nothing is missed on the visit.

Trained and certified staff. Home Care Agencies ensure that each caregiver is provided with proper training and will also include specific illness training such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases etc. so they are fully skilled in the illness associated with their patient. In addition, the Continuing Educational nits (CEUs) that are required each year are provided to employees annually. 

Employee benefits and wage and hour responsibilities. Home Care  Agencies are responsible for all aspects of the employee management, benefits, and insurances. Private caregivers are entitiled to many of the same benefits when it comes to paid time off, insurance for injuries on the job, etc.  

24/7 service. A reputable home care agency will have staff available 24/7 in the event there is an accident or a family needs care with short notice.

Long Term Care Assignment of Benefits. If the patient has a long-term care policy, a homecare agency can assist in the paperwork to assign the benefits, so the family doesn’t have to worry about billing.

Caregiver time record and tracking. All employees need to have a timeclock and time tracker to ensure benefits are calculated properly and paid based on the state and federal laws.

Continuity of care. As the needs of your senior loved one changes over time, care plans need to be revisited and updated to ensure proper care is being provided.

Background Checks.  In the state of CA, employees who work for agencies are fully background checked and are certified through the state of California. As certification periods end or expire the agency ensures training is administered and the employee are always in good standing.
Payroll and taxes.
A Home Care Agency will ensure all payroll, taxes and applicable laws on paid time off are addressed and complied with according to federal and state law.  

Replacement of caregiver and proper coverage. If a caregiver is sick or unavailable, a Home Care Agency will address the situation and provide a backup plan to ensure proper care and coverage is always provided.
Developing a comprehensive plan of care Yes No
Trained and certified staff Yes Not always
Responsible for employee benefits Yes No
24/7 service Yes Not always
Accepts long term care insurance Yes Not always
Caregiver time records and tracking Yes No
Continuity of care Yes Not always
Background checks Yes Not always
Payroll and taxes Yes No
Replacement of caregiver or backup coverage in case of call out Yes No
We want to educate the community and general public on these differences, so they fully understand the responsibilities of becoming an employer for a household employee such as a Home Care Aide. It is much easier and generally more compliant with all applicable federal and state laws to hire a Home Care Aide from a reputable company who ensures proper compliance.

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