In-Home Care Helps Enhance the Lives of Seniors

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Posted: 8/6/2020 10:49 AM by Interim HealthCare
Once the dust settles and we learn more about how Covid-19 has affected the quality of life in nursing, and independent living facilities, home care for seniors will likely increase. More than 95% of seniors prefer aging in place in the safety and comfort of their own home. According to research from the National Council on aging, seniors have chosen to live in their homes for the next five to 10 years despite the physical difficulties experienced.
For those who have been the primary caregiver for parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles, they understand the complexities of medication management, doctor’s appointment scheduling, keeping up with the finances, and the overall general care. It is a time-consuming process and can be stressful if working with a loved one who has Alzheimer's or other diseases that are challenging on the individuals daily living. This is where in-home can enhance all lives involved in the care of a loved one. Home care provides balance to a busy family's schedule and ensures all the loose ends or areas needing more help can be achieved.

Aging in place is one of the most critical factors to our loved ones  

There is no one size fits all for every family; we take a unique approach to assist a family in finding the right level of care and caregiver. Below, we look at some of the most common in-home care services we provide to seniors across the Nation: 

Personal Care & Support Services

In-home care supports seniors in remaining independent in a dignified way by creating a care plan specific to a senior's needs. These services are often referred to as "non-medical" or "private duty" home care. We focus on the Personal Care & Support Services that will provide seniors with assistance with activities of daily living that can become burdensome or challenging as a loved one age. These activities of daily living include:
  • Eating – preparing healthy meals and sitting with a senior during mealtime provides social interaction and reduces overall loneliness and isolation  
  • Bathing – As seniors age, it becomes more challenging to keep balance during a shower or bath and reaching all areas of the body 
  • Dressing – Sometimes the task of getting ready for the day is challenging and with some help can reduce overall fatigue 
  • Cleaning – Bending down and moving around may become more complicated with age and we assist senior in keeping their home safe and tidy
  • Toileting – Getting to and from the restroom and ensuring thorough cleaning is necessary to reduce overall infections
  • Walking with assistance – Falling is the number reason for seniors’ visits to the ER, caregiver assistance will reduce falls and aid in a better quality of life 
  • Continence – Aging comes with areas of need that need to be handled with dignity and privacy      
When balancing your household, family, and career, Interim HealthCare provides compassionate in-home senior care caregivers who will ensure your loved one has the care they need to stay independent and healthy while aging in place.

In-home care services improve the overall quality of life for your loved ones

It's never been more important to keep your senior loved ones safe and happy at home. Its no secret that most seniors prefer and live a better quality of life when they have a sense of independence and ability to remain in their home. Having a caregiver will ensure they stay safe and well taken care of when others in the family are at work or taking care of their responsibilities. We can augment any schedule and provide a care plan specific to your loved one's needs. 

Need Help at Home?

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