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Steve Kwon

Senior Vice President of Franchise Development

Steve Kwon, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development

Steve Kwon is Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for Interim HealthCare Inc. Boasting more than 26 years of franchise leadership experience, he joined Caring Brands International in 2021 with a powerful vision of targeted recruitment and robust franchise expansion. Through the implementation of exhaustive targeting, technology, automation, education, and system improvement initiatives, Steve Kwon has led numerous prestigious franchise systems to national and international acclaim. “Quality Recruitment, Intensive Training, and Ongoing Development.” represents the cornerstone of Kwon’s development strategy, and underscores both his willingness and expertise in attracting the best-possible franchise candidates and equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed.

As a trusted authority in franchise development, Steve Kwon has led and advised numerous prestigious brands, including the likes of Budget Blinds and Mathnasium. Harnessing the power of in-depth targeting, cutting-edge CRM automation and near-constant demographic/data refinement, Kwon’s strategic initiatives match the best-possible franchise owners with the markets that are most-likely to call upon their services, thus maximizing the likelihood of both rapid & long-term brand growth.

He earned his Bachelor of Business Marketing from California State Long-Beach and has been the recipient of numerous accolades for his success in both national and international franchise development.