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Angie Rhoads

Vice President of Home Health and Hospice

Angie Rhoads, Vice President of Home Health and Hospice

Angie Rhoads joined Interim HealthCare in April 2019 and serves as Vice President of Home Health and Hospice. Rhoads is responsible for supporting our franchises in their Medicare-certified businesses, including the successful launch of their home health or hospice and any subsequent offices.  Her focus is on driving operational efficiencies that support both clinical excellence and financial sustainability.
With over 20 years of healthcare experience in the software and provider space, Rhoads has helped lead organizations through a variety of change, from updated conditions of participation to payment reform, along with integration activities through mergers and acquisitions within the homecare industry, as well as the physician space.
Angie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education and a MBA from Missouri State University.