Signs You Need a Home Health Aide in Wichita

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Posted: 5/28/2021 3:31 PM by Interim HealthCare

Caring for your elderly loved ones can be a struggle at the best of times, especially if you also have a job or a family to raise. The pandemic has increased this pressure tenfold, especially since it poses such a risk for older adults. If you feel like you're barely getting by, or that burnout is just around the corner, a home health aide in Wichita can help.

When to Hire a Home Health Aide in Wichita

At Interim HealthCare of Wichita, we know that hiring a professional caregiver can be a difficult step. To help you approach this decision, we've compiled some of the clearest signs that your family needs a home health aide.

If any of the following apply to your household, consider reaching out to a home care provider:

  • Your loved one has specific medical needs — Does your family member have a chronic condition that they have to manage? Are they recovering from a recent injury or surgery? A home health aide in Wichita can help with the everyday management of diabetes, joint replacement after care, Alzheimer's or dementia, arthritis, and other concerns that affect many seniors. 
  • Your loved one is struggling with or forgetting day-to-day tasks — Have you noticed that the food in your loved one's fridge is often spoiled or that they're not as put together as usual? They may be losing track of meals, or having trouble with tasks like bathing or laundry. A home care professional can spot these signs and provide the care your loved one needs. 
  • Your own mental or physical health is suffering — Be honest about how well you're looking after yourself. Are you sleeping enough and eating well? Do you have time to rest and relieve your stress? If you feel depleted, it's best for you and your family to seek additional support. 

Contact Interim HealthCare of Wichita to Learn More

Hiring a home health aide can enable your loved one to live in the home they love while relieving the pressure that your family members face. At Interim HealthCare of Wichita, we support families like yours across the following areas:

  • Wichita
  • Newton
  • Winfield
  • Pratt
  • Hutchinson
  • Andover
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To learn more about our home health aides in Wichita or to discuss your situation with a care professional, call (316) 265-4295 today.

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