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Hospice Testimonials


Doris L.

"I’m not very good with words, but I would like to thank all of your staff who helped us in our time of need. Each of them was kind and considerate to the whole family while they were here. They know what they are doing and it made it a lot easier on us. Ann especially, made us feel like she was one of us. There were so many of us, it was probably hard on them, but they did their jobs well and I would have them again if needed."

Judy D.

"The Interim Home Health & Hospice staff were very caring, compassionate and accommodating from our initial visit to the passing of my brother. Thank you for making the last month of my brother’s life comfortable for him. We truly appreciate everything you have done."


Julie J.

"My mother passed away on March 29th, 2014. She had on-going health issues, but several days before her death, began a rapid decline, ending in her passing. Our family has experienced death of family members already, but every death is a sad, difficult loss that you can’t possibly prepare for. Diane from Interim Hospice was there with us to make my mom as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Diane’s calm help made it bearable; she was a great comfort to us."

Marci H.

"Our family appreciated not only the care, compassion and kindness bestowed upon my father, but also the respect he received from his Interim Hospice team. He was an 89 year old gentleman with ideas of how things should be done. He never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed when he needed assistance with bathing and/or dressing, which was his biggest concern. We were all so very thankful for the expeditious manner in which Interim responded, not only in phone calls, but also with visits and equipment. Interim’s knowledge, team members and resources made it possible for our family to care for dad at home, where he wanted to be until it was his time to go. Thank you for helping us keep him home. Special thanks to RN’s - Marci and Paul, Aide – Becky and George from Broadway Equipment."

Marilyn V.

"My 92 year old Mother has just recently entered the hospice program. She has actually only been in hospice care for two weeks. Already, the entire family feels a great deal of comfort and support from the wonderful people involved in this program.

My 92 year old Mother and my 91 year old Dad have been married 72 years! They live in their own home. They have two children-my brother who lives 10 miles outside the town where they live and I, their daughter who lives 4 hours away. It has always been my parent's wish to stay in their own home until the very end.  My brother and I support their wishes. With this support comes a lot of angst for us-just how are we going to accomplish their wishes? Dad is in good health for his 91years. Mother has been in declining health for several years now. She suffers from dementia, COPD and CHF. It has been a gradual decline until recently when she had an acute episode and seems to be declining at a more rapid pace.

My sister-in law was familiar with Interim Healthcare which helped her tremendously in the last years of life for her 99 year old Dad. About a year ago my brother and I paid a visit to Interim Healthcare to familiarize ourselves with the program since we knew we would at some point probably be in need of some assistance. When Mother's recent acute episode occurred, we knew we wanted Interim Hospice to help us. We contacted her physician and he immediately put us into contact with the personnel at Interim Hospice. When I say immediate-it was definitely immediate! We asked for help on a Friday morning and by Friday afternoon an RN was sitting in my parent's living room telling us about hospice and signing us up for the assistance we needed. The assistance was immediate-that very day we were able to access their emergency number rather than calling 911. This was a huge relief for my Dad and all of the family.  We were contacted by the Hospice Administrator on Friday and things started rolling out fast. By Saturday the Hospice Administrator came to the house to meet the family and outline the program and answer any questions ! We could not believe it--an actual Hospice Administrator paid us a home visit the very next day-on a weekend and she gave us her cell phone  number to be in contact with her at anytime we needed to be in touch.

Within the first week oxygen therapy was started for my dear Mother. We are aware that this is no cure-but it has indeed improved the quality of her life.  It has made a tremendous impact on my Dad's stress level by having a nurse available 24 hours a day just a phone call away!  A nurse visits twice a week. A social worker has paid a visit. A chaplain has paid a visit. A home health aide started coming one day a week the first week. By the second week, I knew my Mother had declined further and that they needed a home health aide three times a week to assist in her personnel care. I called the Hospice Administrator one morning and by that afternoon, the home health aide was lined up for three times a week.

Mother is now receiving individual personnel care, which she really needed. Dad is able to leave the house while the home health aide is there to go shopping and to attend to other business. He is even using the time to mow the grass while the aide is there knowing that all is ok in the house with Mother.

I am a recently retired RN so turning over a great deal of my parent's care to other people was a difficult decision. However, at the moment I believe it is the best decision I have ever made! It has given everyone in the family hope!  We know Mother's days are numbered but we want the best care possible for her until that time.  We know that Dad is doing well now but that he is doing even better with the assistance he is receiving in taking care of the love of his life for 72 years!

Our family knows that there will be more difficult days ahead but we feel a great sense of peace with the decision we have made to have Hospice assist us through the end of life decisions. We are a family of believers and we believe that a beautiful Heaven waits for all of us. We are so happy to have the assistance of God's angels all around us. Our preacher says that we are each other’s “stretcher bearers" and we are so thankful for all the wonderful people at hospice that have become our "stretcher bearers”!

A special thanks to Ann McShane RN-Hospice Administrator; Dee Marshall RN; Keith Mendenhall LPN; Valery Avery-Aide; Laura Martinez-Social Worker and Eldon Smith-Spiritual Counselor!  May God bless each and every one of you!"

Mike H.

"I want to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks in regard to the excellent care my father in law received. Our hospice nurse, Stephanie Cox, is exemplary not only in her nursing knowledge, but in her compassion and genuine love for the patient and family. She formed a lasting relationship with Alvin, giving him her time and listening ear. She was so very patient and kind. She will be missed. We also want to recognize Latonya, our health aide. Latonya is a kind and compassionate soul."

Pat L.

"My husband Gil passed away in February.  He had Alzheimer’s for at least 7 years and we were able to keep him at home because of the help received from Interim Hospice. They were wonderful! They were so friendly and kind to Gil that he loved seeing them. Interim furnished most of the supplies need: diapers, pads, lotions, shampoo, etc. which was a big financial help.

The counseling I received from Interim was excellent - such as how to cope with illness and how to prepare for his death. I have a wonderful family that supported us constantly but the professionally trained Interim people gave us confidence and patience in caring for Gil. I gladly recommend Interim.

Kelsey, from Interim, was Gil's aide three times each week and she was excellent. She was always gentle and thoughtful with him – we all loved her. She dropped in unscheduled to see Gil - just being kind and caring.  She came immediately upon his death and even attended his rosary and funeral - all on her own time. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you for your time and willingness to share your experiences.

Shawn R.

"When you hear the words “there is nothing more we can do”, all of the fear and anxiety of what is to come is nothing short of terrifying. The Staff at interim were quick to assess our needs when we were told that our son had 3-6 weeks to live, initiating a plan swiftly and efficiently. He had suffered so much pain throughout his 3+ years of battling brain cancer that I was frightened about how we would manage his pain. Interim Staff were there for the entire family in every way. I was assured that they would take care of Matthew so that I could be a Mom and that is exactly what they did. They were instrumental in completing the filing for Medicare for Matthew, as finically, I knew we could not afford his care. They helped spiritually with calls and visits from their amazing pastor. The staff were prompt and cheerful as they helped bath and care for my son. The nurses were amazing, so very caring and knowledgeable, I felt totally confident that my son was getting the very best care. All of us were able to spend quality time with Matthew and truly enjoy his last days. He died peacefully and pain free with our nurse by our side; she had been there all night long. They were able to help us find peace and understanding even though we had to say goodbye to our amazing son. I will forever be indebted to each and every member of Interim for their help and support."

Susan N.

"Hospice was a life saver for my dad. The daily activities that Latonya did were such a help to him and yo my mom. She even helped mom put on her stockings and she did the cooking for both of them. Stephanie did her best to medicate dad properly, as his condition changed week by week. They both came to dad’s funeral and have called, and that means a lot to mom. Also, special thanks to Shelly, you were all wonderful."

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I’m not very good with words, but I would like to thank all of your staff who helped us in our time of need. Each of them was kind and considerate to the whole family while they were here. They know what they are doing and it made it a lot easier on us. Ann especially, made us feel like she was one of us. There were so many of us, it was probably hard on them, but they did their jobs well and I would have them again if needed.

Doris L.