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Home Care Testimonials

Home Care TestimonialsEvery member of the Interim HealthCare of Wichita Home Care Team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our clients. 

We love when they take the time to tell us about it. Please take a few moments to read these wonderful testimonials.



My mother, family and I would love to thank all of the brave and caring people who work for the Regent in Wichita, KS. Without their support we could not continue to keep mom in her apartment. I wish I could have recorded how responsive and loving they were when I called to say that I needed help. Super Women! Love all of them.


Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough. Thank you for your quick response to help mom when we needed you. Mom liked you a lot, you made an impression on her.


My PCSS staff is amazing. They go beyond the call in the most difficult and stressful situations. They always arrive with a smile.

Cliff N.

"My name is Cliff Newell my wife name is Joyce and she just became a patient of your Hutchinson office. I just want to say even though she has only been a patient of your company for only a week we are more than pleased with Sandy and her staff up here in Hutchinson. They have been more than considerate of her needs and have worked very had on scheduling times with me so I could be here when one of the team members comes.

I told Sandy when I first went to talked to her, she told me that your company also has a hospice care, when the time comes that her and her team would have to impress me a lot to pull away from another hospice care company.  Let me tell you,  her team making a very good case to stay with your company. A very special thanks to Samantha, the bath aid. she has been so sweet, kind words can't say enough about her. Heather and her student PT have both been wonderful. Thanks Samantha, Heather, and Michelle." 

Don G.

"I want to offer some words of compliment concerning the professionalism and overall care exhibited by one of your employees- Sara Cawood RN. Ms. Cawood is a nurse who practices at Grasslands. My mother is a resident at that facility.

Ms. Cawood has been involved in the management of my mother's medications and some of her other medical needs.  At all times Ms. Cawood has been more than accessible. very easy to work with and has made good suggestions as to the betterment of my mother's care.

There is no question but that Ms. Cawood reflects well on your company.

D. S.

Interim has provided great care for my mother. Anything she needs or problem she may have, they jump right in to help. They are all very kind and patient with her.


Our son suffered from 3 traumatic brain injuries. He had been able to recover from these injuries and remain independent. In Feb 2014 we had to ask for a wellness check. He was found down and unresponsive and was hospitalized for about a month. We used 2 home health agencies during the next year and a half , 24 hour care. Our son made no significant gains and regressed during the last 2 months. In December of 2015, we decided to have Interim take over his care. This was the best decision we have made in the last 2 years. Our son is gaining stregnth and making great progress. Dustin has never been left alone, a caregiver doesn't leave until his replacement has arrived and they always remind him to take his medicine.


I do not think I would still be alive without the care of my support team. My nurse Jessica and all of my caregivers have gone above and beyond what I expected from them. They genuinelycare about me and have really improved the quality of my life.


We have been very pleased with all of the services your staff has provided. Jodi, Vicki and Jeana have been such a great help. We couldn't have done this withlut them. Thanks for every day.


When my husband was sick, Interim were with us and were so sincerely caring for him and our family. When he passed they were there with us and again, you knew that they really cared. This wasn't just a job for them. I can't thank you enough.

The Still Family

"Interim Healthcare has some of the very best staff we have ever experienced.  Our Dad, Ricky, can be a very challenging patient.  He has pulled his feeding tube too many times to count and the Interim staff have taken such great strides to help us keep him at home and out of the hospital!  From his nurses, Lori and Sara, to the wonderful therapists……we thank you so very much!  Agreeing as a family to allow Dad to remove the feeding tube was not easy & this team of professionals helped us to be comfortable allowing him to make that decision.  We so appreciate the recommendations for adaptive devices to help him feed himself!  It’s worked beautifully……."
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I’m not very good with words, but I would like to thank all of your staff who helped us in our time of need. Each of them was kind and considerate to the whole family while they were here. They know what they are doing and it made it a lot easier on us. Ann especially, made us feel like she was one of us. There were so many of us, it was probably hard on them, but they did their jobs well and I would have them again if needed.

Doris L.