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To help you become an informed consumer, here are some questions you should ask when shopping for home healthcare services:

HOW LONG HAS THE COMPANY BEEN IN BUSINESS? There are very few providers that have the advantage of Interim HealthCare's 35+ years of experience.

ARE COMPANY EMPLOYEES BONDED AND INSURED? All Interim HealthCare employees are. This protects you against possible dishonesty, malpractice and worker's compensation claims.

ARE REFERENCES AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS OBTAINED? Interim HealthCare checks references and the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) database on every applicant. No one with unfavorable references or a criminal record is eligible for employment. Interim HealthCare has received special recognition for our hiring practices.

DOES THE COMPANY REQUIRE WRITTEN JOB DESCRIPTIONS AND RECURRENT TRAINING? Interim HealthCare does, and this helps to insure that you receive service from a qualified caregiver.

HOW OFTEN ARE SUPERVISORY VISITS MADE? Interim HealthCare supervisors visit the client's home every 2 weeks for those receiving skilled care. Other cases are supervised at least every 60 days, or more often if necessary.

WHO IS AVAILABLE IF THERE IS A PROBLEM? WHEN CAN THEY BE REACHED? At Interim HealthCare, a Service Coordinator is always available 24 hours a day, every day.

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