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In-Home Care and Managment of Chronic Disease 

Do you have a chronic disease? If you are 65 or older, you likely do. It could be a mild case of psoriasis that flares occasionally on your elbows, knees or hands or it could be advanced stages of heart failure or COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can just make breathing each day an effort. What each person with a chronic disease shares is the experience of an illness which has no cure, that slowly progresses over years and is marked by periods of intense symptoms that lead to discomfort, pain, emergency room visits or even hospitalization – all marked by unplanned interruptions of daily life over many years.


A research based assessment was conducted  to determine the effectiveness of in-home care in  managing and optimizing chronic condition concluded that education-based in-home care is effective at improving outcomes, and is extremely helpful in managing patients with a range of heart disease severity when delivered by nurses during a single home visit or on an ongoing basis. Our nurses at interim healthcare in Wayne NJ have the training to provide the education and the care needed for chronic disease. 


Certified, educated, and trained  caregivers; such as home health aides, and certified nurse assistants. can also help in giving the support to patients and their family while battling the progress of chronic disease through variety of services such as bathing, meal preparation, following a special diet or exercise prescribed by a healthcare provider, mobility, flexibility  medical appointments, medication reminders, and other homemake services. 


If you need help with you and your loved ones take advantage of Interim healthcare in Wayne, NJ complimentary in-home assessment and let us introduce our chronic disease program.

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