Medical Staffing in Washington: Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

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Posted: 4/29/2019 4:50 PM by Interim HealthCare

Many factors can cause the demand for health care professionals to fluctuate throughout the year. From seasonal changes to census peaks, you need to have enough staff members on hand to meet the needs of your patients. At Interim HealthCare of Washington MI, we can give you access to a flexible team. Our medical staffing service in Washington, MI makes it easy to find supplemental nurses and caregivers when you need them most.

Why Choose Our Medical Staffing Services?

Staffing shortages are a challenge that all health care facilities inevitably face. We can make sure you are always prepared for those times with our medical staffing services.

Our staffing department can connect you with a team of supplemental health care professionals who are ready to meet your needs. We can help you hire someone for shifts ranging from per diem to long-term contract positions. Some of the staffing needs we can assist with include:

  • last-minute call-offs
  • short- or long-term leaves of absence
  • vacations and holidays
  • clerical staff for projects or services

Our flexible, supplemental staff members are able to meet your ever-changing needs. We are here to offer helping hands to our local community and ensure everyone receives the care they require. At Interim HealthCare of Washington MI, we go above and beyond to pre-screen and credential our staffers before they are sourced out to other facilities. We can give you access to many types of health care professionals, including RNs, LPNs, CNAs, therpaists (PT/OT/ST), medical clerical, clerical, and personal care attendants. 

Another benefit of working with our medical staffing team is the ability to work with a locally-owned agency. We are a trusted member of the Washington community, and are dedicated to serving local health care facilities. We are staffing experts who will make the hiring process quick and easy for you. By letting us handle the staffing search for you, we can bring you more of the top local candidates for your consideration.

We love working with our local assisted living facilities, hospitals, schools, physician offices, nursing rehab centers, manufacturing facilities and more to bring you the flexible staffing you need!

To learn more about our medical staffing services in Washington, MI and the surrounding communities, call us today at (586) 281-6280.