Senior Care News – The Benefits of Music Therapy

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Posted: 3/8/2014 12:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
We’ve all heard the expression “Music Heals” and medical researchers have found that this is indeed the truth, but why? What is it about music that can make such a difference to all of us? There are several reasons why music therapy works. One is that sound and rhythm are a core function in our brains. Our entire bodies recognize a rhythm, that’s why we can walk to a beat. When we do our muscles and spinal cords are in synch.

Our bodies have a physiological response to music, that is why qualified therapists can use it to help patients relax or to stimulate those in a coma. Music Therapy can increase breathing rates, increase heart rates, help with coordination and movement and much more.

Senior Care Services and other home care services use music therapy professionals to help improve the overall health of their patients by reducing stress creating soothing environments. To learn more about how Music Therapy can help you or your loved one, contact Interim HealthCare today.