Avoid Caregiver Burnout with Respite Care

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Posted: 3/16/2014 12:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
There are few things that can be as stressful as taking care of an elderly loved one, especially when they need constant care. Many caregivers tell us how hard it is to see their parents or grandparents battle an illness and begin to decline. Family members often think that they have to take care of everything by themselves. This can lead to depression and burnout.

One way to avoid burnout is to define your role in their care. No one can assume full responsibility for a loved one’s care, maintain their own lives and that of others in their charge without having reasonable expectations and some help along the way. There are many resources available to help. Respite care, for instance, can give you the break you need to rest and recuperate, even if only for a few hours a week.

Professional caregivers like those at Interim HealthCare, can help with meal preparation, housekeeping, running errands and much more. An effective caregiver knows when to ask for help and where to turn when they do.

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