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Posted: 1/13/2014 11:18 AM by Interim HealthCare
Interim HealthCare has introduced an excellent program focused on helping people with chronic diseases avoid going back to the hospital.  Called Interim Transitions, the program offers hospitals and physicians a way to better help their patients adhere to a post-discharge care plan and provide the support the patient needs to recover at home.  Key services include assisting with transportation, medication reminders and reconciliation and basic activities of daily living. 

As part of the program, patients are given a personal health record book to help them monitor their disease.  Our Care Professionals are given special training to help patients with symptom monitoring in order to catch warning signs that the patient may be experiencing changes.  We also provide a red “medication bag” since medications often change and with the variety of doctors involved in the patient’s care it’s difficult to remember all of them. 

The quickest way to update medical team members in an emergency or just a trip to the doctor is to put all the medications in the big red bag.  We have received great reviews from the doctors and hospitals in which we have introduced our program and it is meeting the needs of our patient and families who want to remain in their home following discharge from the hospital.  Interim HealthCare is the leading home care franchise company with locations throughout North Carolina. 

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