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Wound Care

Wound care nurse dresses her patients wound - West Palm Beach FL - Treasure Coast FLWe provide a smooth transition from care in an in-patient facility to care at home including uninterrupted access to:
  • IV therapy at home for infections
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Exercise programs to improve strength, endurance, and ability to do activities of daily living
  • Personal care assistance by the home care aide
  • Coordination with other providers of medical equipment, community social services, medical transportation, etc.
There are a number of services that can be provided to assist individuals with wounds.  These include:
  • Standardized evidence-based wound treatment protocols for specific types of wounds.
  • Recommendations for support surfaces or other devices to promote wound healing and to prevent additional wounds or complications.
  • Patient/Caregiver education regarding self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of complications, how to manage the wound in the home and how to prevent future wounds from occurring.
  • Counseling on the types of foods, supplements and diets that can promote wound healing as well as on activities appropriate to the patient’s condition to prevent wound related debilities.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with the patient’s treating physician regarding the patient’s progress toward healing as well as treatment options for wounds that are difficult to heal.

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