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Veterans Services

The Veteran population crosses a wide spectrum of individuals, from elderly World War II Veterans, to baby boomer Vietnam Vets, to today's younger heroes who served during the Gulf War era and in the present day Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. 

America’s Veterans have done what has been asked of them in their mission to serve our country. Interim HealthCare of Topeka provides a variety of different ways to pay tribute to these brave men and women. Whether it is through career opportunities or direct home care services, Interim continues to look at ways it can adequately not only thank our Veterans but give them special consideration for their contribution.

Interim HealthCare Career Opportunities for Veterans

Interim HealthCare franchise offices need in-office and field staff with a wide variety of skills and experience. The jobs they offer provide employees an enhanced quality of life, both on the job and off, in return for their dedication to providing exceptional patient care. This is accomplished through competitive pay, flexible schedules, and a comprehensive continuing education and in-service program. If you're a veteran who is looking for unmatched control over your own life and career path, think about joining the Interim HealthCare of Topeka’s team. Apply for a job right now (search jobs in Topeka)

Home Care and Hospice Services for Veterans

From coast to coast, Interim HealthCare of Topeka provides a number of services for Veterans. Whether it is highly skilled care for wounded warriors, a little bit of personal care and extra assistance, Interim understands how important it is to make sure veterans are well taken care of and have access to the benefits they deserve.

Interim Hospice have acheived a Level 4 partnership with the We Honor Veterans program! Proudly serving our Veterans and their families #wehonorveterans


Increasing access and education among veterans and providing them with more choices regarding care during the final phase of their lives is also critical. Interim HealthCare Hospice provides a critical link in the care of these Veterans. Interim Hospices bring care and support to where the patient needs it—that may be home, a nursing home, assisted living residential community, or hospice residence.

Government References for Providing Assistance

For more information regarding government resources, the VA website has several methods for locating VA facilities and Service Organizations. Use the following link to search:

Find a Location by States/Territories