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Behavioral Health Home Care Program | Sioux Falls, SD Region

The goal of Interim HealthCare's Behavioral Health Home Care Program is to facilitate individual independence in the least restrictive environment.

Behavioral Health Home Care Programs in Sioux Falls, SD
Clients are taught to cope with and successfully manage their mental illness
Specialty Areas:
  • Major Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Dual Diagnoses
  • Medication Administration

Behaviorial Health Program Benefits:

  • Collaboration with all treatment team members to assure continuity of care.
  • Increased client autonomy and ability to remain in the community setting.
  • A Behavioral Health Nurse is on call after hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Interim HealthCare's behavioral health staff is comprised of Certified Psychiatric Nurses and Nurses with extensive behavioral health and case management experience. They work closely with the patient, physician, hospital and insurer to develop, coordinate and implement a plan of care that maintains and builds on the recovery process.

The opportunity to intervene at any time along the continuum of care is unique to behavioral health nursing. An Interim HealthCare Behavioral Health Nurse can become involved with your clients in the following manner:
  • Meeting with the treatment team prior to the client's discharge from the hospital in order to make a smooth transition to home care services.
  • Supporting a client in the community after their partial hospital or day treatment program has ended
  • Assessing a client in the community who exhibits early symptoms of decompensation and developing a plan of care with the physician to avoid an ER visit or inpatient admission                           ·

Nursing interventions in the home include the following:

  • Assessment of mental health, physical status and home environment
  • Instruction on medication usage, response to ability to self-administer
  • Reinforcement of coping mechanisms 
  • Crisis symptom management
  • Ensuring follow-through with medical appointments and other therapeutic activities
  • Coordination home care services

To request information about home care for behavioral health in Sioux Falls, SD, or to schedule your no obligation in-home evaluation, call our office at (605) 371-4253 or click on the "Contact Us" button and we will contact you soon!

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