Signs You Need a Home Health Aide in Sarasota

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Posted: 5/31/2021 10:59 AM by Interim HealthCare

There are many types of home care available to make daily life easier for seniors and people with chronic illnesses. The key is to find out which form of care is the best fit for your needs. At Interim HealthCare of Sarasota County, we work closely with local families as they make these big decisions. Today, we'll explore the benefits of hiring a home health aide in Sarasota — and how you can tell if it's the right choice for you. 

Common Concerns and How a Home Health Aide in Sarasota Can Help

First and foremost, you probably wouldn't be looking into home care if aging in place wasn't a priority, either for you or for an elderly partner or relative. Receiving the care you need at home means retaining more of your independence and staying where you feel the most comfortable. 

If you or your relative need help with any of the following, a home health aide in Sarasota could be the best fit:

  • Managing a medical condition — Certain health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, dementia, and Huntington's disease may call for regular monitoring and medical care. Having a home health aide on hand means fewer trips to hospitals and clinics. It also means more one-to-one support overall.
  • Performing day-to-day tasks around the home — Whether due to age or illness, you or your loved one may not be able to perform some basic tasks. If cooking, bathing, tidying up, or simply walking around is getting difficult, a home care professional can help. 
  • Additional support for family caregivers — Many families in Sarasota are providing some form of care for an elderly loved one. This may be manageable at first, but the demands of caregiving can soon get overwhelming. If your family is struggling with caregiving duties, you should seek outside support to keep everyone safe.

Learn More About Our Home Care Services in Sarasota

It's not easy admitting that you need help to live comfortably at home, or that you can't cope with a loved one's care needs on your own.

At Interim HealthCare of Sarasota County, we understand what you're going through. Our care professionals are here to support you and provide compassionate home care services across the following:

  • Sarasota
  • Venice
  • North Port
  • Palmer Ranch
  • Englewood
  • Osprey
  • And throughout the surrounding area

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