Home Health Care in Sarasota: Bringing Care to Our Patients' Doorsteps

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Posted: 7/31/2020 7:58 PM by Interim HealthCare

Nobody wants to spend a moment longer in the hospital than absolutely necessary. However, many patients need significant support in order to come home and stay there. Having skilled home health care delivered by a registered medical professional provides exactly that for patients across Sarasota and the surrounding communities.

Our services are perfect for patients living with chronic illness who want to better manage their symptoms and their care. They're also great for patients transitioning home from the hospital after an operation who need help in order to stay on track to a full and timely recovery. By providing personalized care for each patient, we help to improve the overall quality of their care, save on medical costs and live their happiest, healthiest possible lives at home. 

Our Home Health Care in Sarasota

The team at Interim HealthCare of Sarasota County consists of clinically qualified nurses, skilled caregivers, and certified physical, occupational, and speech therapists, which allows us to offer a broad spectrum of services to patients across our community. We work closely with patients, their families, and even their primary care physicians to develop a strategy for home care that perfectly fits their needs.

Some home health care services we offer in Sarasota include:

  • Tracking and managing medications
  • Helping patients understand their illness
  • Draining, cleaning, and dressing wounds
  • Assisting with mobility 
  • Providing post-hospitalization support
  • Managing medical equipment
  • Monitoring vitals and symptoms
  • Helping patients maintain good hygiene and nutrition
  • Managing catheters
  • Preventing bedsores

In addition to the many in-home nursing services we can provide, our team also includes certified physical, occupational, and speech therapists that can help guide patients through the rehabilitation process from the comfort of home. 

We are Committed to Creating a Healthier, Happier Sarasota Area With Home Health Care

The team at Interim HealthCare of Sarasota County is committed to making the local area the happiest, healthiest community possible. We do that by delivering top-quality care into homes across our community. Thanks to our highly capable, compassionate caregivers, patients across our community can enjoy a higher quality of life and greater independence.

We're proud to offer our services to the communities of: 

  • Sarasota
  • North Port
  • Venice
  • Englewood
  • Osprey
  • Palmer Ranch

Call Interim HealthCare of Sarasota County today at (941) 315-9966 to learn more about the home health care services we offer and request your free, no-obligation assessment for yourself or a loved one.