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Medical Staffing | Santa Rosa, CA & Throughout Sonoma County

Medical Staffing Solutions in Santa Rosa, CA

Whether you need a nurse to fill the gap in a hospital or physician's office or need nursing in a long term care facility, school or clinic, Interim provides the healthcare staff you need in Sonoma County.

Interim offers medical staffing services that range from extended blocked contract positions to per diem shifts. Our nurses and other health care professionals are fully trained with a variety of skill sets. From extended blocked contract positions to per diem shifts, Interim employs nurses and other health care professionals with a variety of different skill sets.

For medical staffing services, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities throughout the Sonoma County know that they can turn to Interim HealthCare. Our medical staffing solutions can help you to:

  • Meet a short term staffing need or cover for an extended leave of absence
  • Meet staffing needs during census peaks
  • Reduce costly overtime and staff burn-out
  • Provide clinical staff that they do not currently employ for projects and services
  • Cover for vacations and holidays
  • Fill the gap for last minute call-offs

Interim HealthCare was named as one of the Largest HealthCare Staffing Firm in the U.S.In addition, healthcare providers rely on Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa to provide direct hire and temporary sourcing services that can: Reduce costs and staff time associated with full time hiring and Improve employee selection results through our 13 week “try before you hire” program.

All staff are properly credentialed, screened, and covered by our professional liability and workers compensation insurance. Interim assumes all responsibility for employer taxes and benefits.

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The staff, management and owner are focused on providing the best service possible for their clients and supporting their clients families. They are well trained and passionate about what they do. Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa is your best choice for safe, dependable and compassionate care!
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