How Assisted Care Services Will Benefit Your Loved Ones

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Posted: 2/24/2021 12:35 PM by Interim HealthCare
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It’s been estimated that by 2040, the population of people aged 65 will increase by 123 percent. That will mean an additional 14.4 million 65-year olds from a current number of about 6.5 million today.

America is aging. And so is Sonoma County.

Sonoma County is slightly older than the state of California as a whole, with a median age of 39.50 years, as compared with 34.90 years. And Sonoma County seniors - those age 60 and over - represent about 21 percent of the county’s population.

In fact, according to a California Department of Finance report,

“Seniors are the county’s fastest growing population age group. This population is projected to grow from 102,639 in 2012 to 128,589 in 2020, with the greatest growth in the 70-74 age group the baby boom “age wave”. This age wave, combined with increased longevity, will continue to drive growth in senior populations, especially in the 75 and over age group.”

And what many of these elder loved ones will have in common is the desire to live at home and retain their independence without worry.

Aging Gracefully with Assistance

The reality, however, is that aging often brings increasing limitations and handicaps. If you’ve already had the privilege of helping an older loved one - parents or grandparents perhaps - you already know that simple tasks such as climbing stairs or cleaning the house can be a challenge for them.

In addition to the normal aches and pains, and diminishing strength that comes with aging, sickness and injuries can further debilitate our elder loved ones.

At some point, the tension between desiring independence and being increasingly unable to function safely alone can reach a crisis point of sorts. And this is when a senior living alone requires some level of in-home assistance. 

And, while those with adult children or even grandchildren may be able to provide that assistance, this can become overly stressful for everyone involved. That’s when a professional assisted care service can be employed to provide the help an aging senior’s needs.

3 Benefits of an Assisted Care Service

How Assisted Care Services Will Benefit Your Loved Ones

Hiring a professional assisted care service to provide in home senior care will benefit your loved ones, as well as you and your family.


1. Peace of Mind

This phrase may seem a bit well-worn and even cliche, but it is profoundly meaningful when it comes to the health and safety of our senior loved ones. It means that, when you are out of the house, for example, you can carry out your daily activities without the constant worry about your senior parent or grandparent. 

It means that you and other family members can manage their time better and be ready to step in when the caregiver leaves. And it means that a senior living alone can feel secure in their independence, while knowing that help is there when needed.

2. Support for Independent Living

Assisted care providers can help aging individuals continue living safely, comfortably, and socially in their own homes. Often, just a little support can boost an aging adult’s sense of independence. And this can be profoundly beneficial to both their mental and emotional health, as well as boosting their self-confidence.

Many older seniors find a great deal of comfort in their familiar surroundings where they have spent much of their lives. In-home assisted care services can help them remain at home longer than they would be able to on their own.

3. Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Activities of daily living is a term used in healthcare to refer to people's daily self-care activities. These include activities such as bathing and showering, personal hygiene and grooming, dressing, eating, and the ability to walk, get in and out of bed, etc. 

Any or all of these can become challenging for older seniors and a professional caregiver can not only provide assistance, but note any changes in their condition such as a refusal to eat, sudden weight loss, not taking medications, forgetting to turn the oven off, etc. This assistance can help prevent accidents and avoidable health complications.

In addition, an in-home caregiver can provide healthy social interaction that may not occur regularly otherwise. In the process of doing their job, in-home care providers can help dispel the depressing state of loneliness and depression that often affects older adults who live alone.

Your Local and Best Choice for Senior Assisted Care Services

Taking care of an aging parent or grandparent can be stressful. Finding a trusted senior home care service in Sonoma County doesn’t have to be. 

At Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa, we can provide the independence and peace of mind that your loved one needs with our in home assisted care services.
And, because we understand that you want to do what is right for both your senior loved one and for your family, we can also provide what you are looking for when it comes to providing an in-home caregiver.

One way we help ensure that your loved one can remain safe and independent in their own home is that our in-home assisted care professionals are fully vetted with background checks and drug screens before they ever step foot in your home. Additionally, Interim HealthCare is fully bonded and insured.

If you or an aging loved one are in need of assisted care services, contact Interim HealthCare today.

At Interim HealthCare, we offer a wide variety of home care ranging from respite care, assisted living at home, to Alzheimer's care and much more.

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