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Posted: 12/29/2020 1:45 PM by Interim HealthCare
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If you are in the healthcare industry you are probably acutely aware of the chronic shortfall of staff and qualified healthcare workers. 

What this means for recruiters and staffing personnel is that filling gaps and replacing staff is challenging at best.

According to an article from Penn Foster,

“If you’re wondering how to recruit healthcare workers, you’re not alone. For almost three decades, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have struggled to fill open positions. The problem is likely to get even worse, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 14% growth in the healthcare industry, with the addition of 2.4 million new jobs by 2026.”

The demographics of the United States plays a vital role in the demands and requirements of the country’s healthcare industry.

According to the U.S. Census’ data, there are over 49 million individuals aged 65 and older living in the U.S. this year, which accounts for 12.4 percent of the total population. This aging population of Baby Boomers also has an increased life expectancy which is contributing to the need for more healthcare professionals.

In addition, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, over 50 percent of registered nurses are 50 and older, which means many of these aging Baby Boomers are nurses who will be retiring just as patient needs are increasing.

Finding qualified medical workers isn’t just a problem for recruiters and hiring managers. Staff shortages can lead to a variety of issues including staff burn-out, absenteeism, and an increase in procedural errors.

Unfortunately, with the increased demand on available medical and healthcare staff, their patients are at an increased risk of receiving substandard care. For example, according to research published in The Lancet, increasing a nurse’s workload by just one patient increases mortality risk by 7 percent.

The Challenge of Finding Qualified Medical Workers


According to a 2017 survey for Prudential conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 90 percent of hospital leaders were worried about finding clinical staff such as physicians, nurses, and specialists in the next 10 years, and nearly 20 percent were already facing shortages of nurses.

In Sonoma County that need is not a new challenge. 

Even before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and health crisis, the shortage of medical workers in Sonoma County was already acute.

In fact, in 2019 a report by the California Future Health Workforce Commission noted that 7 million state residents live in Health Professional Shortage Areas, a federal designation for geographic areas, populations or health care facilities with a shortage of primary care, dental or mental health providers and services.

According to an article from The Press Democrat, 

“[I]in a portion of northern Sonoma County, nearly 14,000 residents in three census tracts live in an area with inadequate primary care services, according to federal data from the Health Resources & Services Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau.

In Sonoma Valley, including the communities of Boyes Hot Springs and Eldridge, some 42,000 residents in nine census tracts also live in a designated area with a shortage of primary care services. In a region that encompasses much of Santa Rosa, defined by 36 census tracts, nearly 200,000 residents live in a federally designated area with insufficient mental health care professionals, according to federal data.”

Fortunately, there are resources for medical staffing that can help you fill the gaps in your healthcare workforce.


Your Local Resource for Reliable Medical Staffing

Interim HealthCare was named as one of the Largest HealthCare Staffing Firms in the U.S. by Staffing Industry Analysts, a global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions.

If you need a nurse in Sonoma County, whether in a hospital or a physician's office, or you need additional nursing in a long-term care facility, a school, or medical clinic, Interim HealthCare’s medical staffing service is ready to help.

We can provide the healthcare staff you need in Sonoma County and we offer medical staffing services ranging from extended, blocked contract positions to per diem shifts. Our nurses and other health care professionals are fully trained with a variety of skill sets.

Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare services throughout Sonoma County can rely on Interim HealthCare to meet their short or long term staffing needs.

With Interim HealthCare’s medical staffing solutions, you are able to:
  • Cover for vacations and holidays
  • Fill the gap for last minute call-offs
  • Meet staffing needs during census peaks
  • Reduce costly overtime and prevent staff burn-out
  • Provide clinical staff not normally employed for projects and services
  • Meet short term staffing needs or extended leaves of absence
Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa also offers healthcare providers direct hire and temporary sourcing services. This is beneficial for reducing costs and staff time required for full-time recruiting and hiring. 
And we make it easier to Improve your employee selection results through our 13-week “Try Before You Hire” program.

In addition, all staff associated with Interim HealthCare are properly credentialed and screened and are covered by our professional liability and workers compensation insurance. Interim also assumes all responsibility for employer taxes and benefits.

In today’s volatile, demanding, and uncertain healthcare environment, you can be certain of getting quality medical staff with Interim HealthCare’s medical staffing service.

Your Resource for Medical Staffing and Senior Home Care Services

In addition to the stress of filling medical staffing needs, adult children of aging parents or grandparents often find that providing in-home care can be stressful, as well. However, finding a trusted senior home care service in Sonoma County doesn’t have to be. 

Our in-home care professionals are fully vetted with background checks and drug screens before they ever step foot in your home. Additionally, Interim HealthCare is fully bonded and insured. If you or an aging loved one are in need of home care services, contact Interim HealthCare today.

At Interim HealthCare, we offer a wide variety of services including medical staffing, in-home personal care and support, respite care, Alzheimer's care and much more.

To learn more about healthcare and homecare services, just fill out the "Contact Us" form to the right and we will contact you soon. Or you can call our Santa Rosa office at (707) 545-4986.

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