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Posted: 4/14/2021 11:40 AM by Interim HealthCare
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The healthcare field is arguably one of the most essential industries in America.

On par with first responders and teachers, perhaps, the dedicated individuals who give themselves to the healing and care of others are vital. Especially when the care provided is for those who cannot care for themselves as well.

Or at all.

And this is poignantly true when it comes to having someone provide care for our aging loved ones, whether that’s a grandparent, a parent, or even a spouse or life partner.

Which is why Interim HealthCare in Santa Rosa is committed to providing only the best when it comes to healthcare workers.

The State of Senior Care Services in Sonoma County

 As we noted in a previous article, there are about 6.5 million people aged 65 in the United States today. And this number is expected to increase to almost 21 million seniors 65 and over in less than 20 years from now. That’s an increase of close to 123 percent.

Clearly the nation is aging, but then, as goes the nation so goes Sonoma County.

According to a report from the California Department of Finance, seniors account for the county’s fastest growing population age group. This group was projected to grow to almost 129,000 by last year, 2020, and with the greatest growth in the 70-74 age group, the so-called “age wave” of Baby Boomers.

Another way to view this segment of our local population is that, in Sonoma County, those over the age of 60 make up over 20 percent of the county’s population.

One Of the overriding concerns for these seniors, and their families many times, is being able to remain in their own homes and living independently, but safely. Another concern, of course, is the distressing possibility of falling victim to Alzheimer’s disease or some other less common form of dementia.

And it is for this reason that in-home and other senior care services are available to fill a very pressing yet highly rewarding need in the lives of these seniors and their families.

Why Senior Care Services?

We’ve gone into some detail in previous articles here regarding the reasons for senior care services such as in-home care and assisted living care. Suffice it to say that when a senior begins to show signs of an increasing degree of difficulty in carrying out daily activities, that’s when they need a bit of help around the house.

We also understand that, if asked, most seniors clearly would prefer to live and grow older in their own homes, if possible. The essence of senior care services is to facilitate that wish to the fullest extent possible. And this can encompass everything from a simple home visit once or twice a week for a few hours, to overnight caregivers providing as much in-home assistance as needed.

The nature of this senior care assistance can range from occasional transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, and even laundry and ironing to more personal assistance with tasks such as dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, and incontinence care.

As we’ve noted elsewhere, the primary mission of our senior care services professionals is to assist seniors with the everyday chores that can become more difficult as they age.

5 Things to Know About Interim’s Healthcare Workers

5 Things To Know About Interim's Healthcare Workers

At Interim HealthCare we understand that the work we do is both essential and valuable. At the same time, we also appreciate the personal and emotional nature of what we do and the dynamics of providing senior care services.

Here are five things we’d like you to know about our healthcare workers here at Interim HealthCare.

1. Recruiting and Hiring

When it comes to professionalism and ensuring both competence and reliability, we employ a wide range of requirements and processes when hiring including:

  • Professional references
  • License verification
  • Drug Screening
  • Competency testing

Our skilled staff are all properly licensed and undergo an additional background check before working for us.  All our Personal Care Services (PCS) caregivers are registered Home Care Aides (HCA) who have undergone DOJ fingerprint background checks.

Our caregiver candidates go through a thorough phone and in-person interview process before we decide whether to move forward with the hiring process or not. Before being hired, caregivers must also be registered with the State as a caregiver. This ensures that they have a clear background.

2. Training and Continuing Education

Once we decide to hire the candidate, we ensure that the caregiver is provided with additional training to meet California State requirements.

Interim HealthCare workers receive ongoing training on several standard topics, as well as additional training specific to their clients if their manager deems that appropriate.  Our staff is also provided with Annual Evaluations and Continued Education (CEUs) for the duration of their employment with Interim HealthCare.

Caregivers are also mentored and trained in-person by our Care Lead and Mentor. Our caregivers also receive ongoing training to maintain their status as registered caregivers with the State of California.  And, in addition, many of our staff have also received the following:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Dementia training
  • Hospice training

3. Ongoing Employee and Client Support 

Our supervisory staff is always available to support our employees if they encounter situations they aren't familiar with. In addition, we make it a priority to ensure that we always match up the best caregiver for each of our clients.

4. We are a Team and a Family

Another quality that sets Interim apart from other senior care services is that we go out of our way to form relationships with our staff,and we genuinely want them to be happy where they’re working.

5. We Value Our Healthcare Workers

At Interim, our staff are just as important to us as our clients.

Empathy and compassion - the real heart of “caring” - are qualities that we look for and nurture in our employees.

We have a great deal of pride in and respect for our staff and we work very hard to set our caregivers up for success with any client that they are placed with. We put a high priority on our caregiver-to-client matching, as well, since it is absolutely essential that our caregivers are not only able to perform the caregiving aspects of their job, but that they relate with and get along well with their clients. 

Let Interim’s Healthcare Workers Provide Trustworthy and Compassionate In-Home Care for Your Loved One

Finding the right in-home care provider and service in Sonoma County is an important decision for you, and it is important to do what is right for both you and your aging loved one. You can be assured that, at Interim HealthCare, we know what to look for in determining how your senior parent or grandparent can remain safe in their own home.

If you or someone you know are in need of home care services, contact Interim HealthCare today.

At Interim HealthCare, we offer a wide variety of home care ranging from respite and assisted living at home, to Alzheimer's care, and much more.

To schedule your No-Obligation in-home evaluation, or to learn more about home care services, or to learn more about home care for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients in Sonoma County, select the red "Contact Us" tab to the right of this post or call our Santa Rosa office at (707) 545-4986.


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