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What Our Clients Say About Us | Home Care Testimonials

Every member of the Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa, CA - Home Care Team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our clients. 

Home Care TestimonialsWe love when you take the time to tell us about it. Please take a few moments to read these wonderful testimonials.

Image result for 5 starsI have been working with this great company for three years. They are wonderful that they able to manage my work hours with busy school work.  - Yiching Bell

Image result for 5 starsWe came in contact with Interim after a bad experience with another company and never looked back. They took the time and made the effort to find a perfect match for us. Now we wonder how we ever got along without her!! - Floyd H.​

Image result for 5 starsI have been working for Interim for just under a year, great company. They take good care of their employees and even better care of their clients. So glad I joined the office in Santa Rosa... the ladies there are wonderful to work with. - Stacy Price
Image result for 5 starsI am a current client of this provider. Navigating the changing care needs of my aging parents has been challenging. Calling Interim was a great move. I have worked with other agencies. I am so appreciative of Interiums professionalism. They offer comprehensive elder care based on client need. Their staff is well trained to deal with the various needs of the elderly.They have been flexible when schedule needs arise. I rest easy knowing my parents are being well cared for. Now I can be the daughter and not the caregiver. Thank you Interim!
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The staff, management and owner are focused on providing the best service possible for their clients and supporting their clients families. They are well trained and passionate about what they do. Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa is your best choice for safe, dependable and compassionate care! - Kelly K
Image result for 5 stars Image result for 5 starsI contacted Interim Healthcare when an elderly friend was in need of home care, after a couple of months of being in an acute care facility and the home care service lined up for him decided not to honor the hours or price agreed upon and chose to just not show up for several days. Urgently needing help and having heard an Interim employee, Kim, speak passionately about their services at a business meeting some time ago, I emailed to collect some information. I had the good fortune to get in contact with Crystal, who was kind, deeply empathetic and incredibly patient, listening to the long winded tale of woe that spewed from me in my desperate need to find good, reliable care - fast. My desperation was made even greater, knowing we were in a unique time, with COVID-19 impacts and precautions, which I worried might not make finding care easy but Crystal quickly assured me that they would do whatever they could to help!
Even after hearing that there were challenges with finances, understanding that our friend had gone from completely self reliant to not within a matter of months and that it was causing some confusion, a moody demeanor and resistance to having home care, Crystal forged forward and made herself available for a home visit the very next day. Crystal visited with us, kindly and calmly speaking with our friend, uncovering needs, addressing concerns, and assessing best next steps. Truly meeting him where he was mentally and emotionally and reassuring him they could help and would do whatever possible to make it work financially. She offered us suggestions for various resources we could seek support from, to help offset care costs and following the first visit on a Friday, she got to work on confirming caring staff that could help and was back Monday morning for the follow up.
Unfortunately, we found him having fallen and unable to get up. In that moment of worry (and maybe a little panic on my part), she was calm, cool and collected to help me guide emergency personnel. Crystal checked in on him later in the day, continued to offer options for us to explore assistance, shared our story with the Interim team to see if there were other resources they could think of. I am so grateful to know that the Interim team is there, while we figure out next steps for his return home.
All this was without having technically signed up for care services, without any financial gain for Interim or their team, and with truly unwavering kindness, care and thoughtfulness. Thank you cannot begin to express my appreciation for Crystal and Interim Healthcare! - Samantha Paull
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What a wonderful group of dedicated professionals! - Rob Hambleton

Image result for 5 starsCathy Olsen and her team at Interim were able to provide caring, competent caregivers when we needed them, even on very short notice. They worked with us closely to meet the increasing needs of my father as he lived out his final weeks. By providing 24/7 in-home care, Interim and their staff allowed us to focus on our father’s comfort and sharing memories with him during a very difficult time for our family. Thanks again to Cathy and her team at Interim HealthCare. - Doug L.

Image result for 5 starsI’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to this, but I wanted to let you know how appreciative Claudia and I are for the loving care mom got from all your staff. Also for you personally, for staying involved with mom and making frequent visits that you didn’t have to make.  You all meant a lot to her, and to us. Your loving care made it easier on Claudia and I when we weren’t able to be there ourselves. Should we ever be asked for a recommendation it goes to Interim and its warm loving staff. Thanks! - Leslie Arnold


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Thank you cannot begin to express my appreciation for Crystal's kindness, and immediate care and concern for Mike. You are truly amazing and I am so thankful for the chance to have met you!
Samantha P