Home Care in San Diego: Tips for Healthy Aging

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Posted: 5/31/2021 8:29 AM by Interim HealthCare

Who doesn't want to know the secret to healthy aging? As the elderly population grows, more seniors are looking for ways to remain in their homes for as long as they can. Adopting some healthy habits now — and finding the right home care in San Diego — can help older adults in our community live more independently for as long as possible. 

How Our Home Care in San Diego Can Help with Healthy Aging

At Interim HealthCare of San Diego, we provide personalized care for seniors with various levels of physical or cognitive decline. Some of our clients only need occasional visits to drop off groceries or help out around the house, while others benefit from daily companionship and care. Across the board, though, we've seen that certain behaviors can help seniors live more fully and contently at home.  

Our caregivers in San Diego can help seniors make the following changes for healthy aging:

  • Tending to personal relationships — Social connection plays an important part in overall well-being, but many seniors find themselves more isolated as they age. Video calls, texts, and messaging can all help seniors stay connected to friends and family. Family caregivers can also pass on some of their duties to a home care professional and regain more quality time with their loved one.
  • Eating better on a regular basis — Following a healthy and nourishing diet is also key to healthy aging. Physical discomfort, memory loss, and other aspects of aging can make it more difficult to buy groceries, prepare healthy meals, or even keep track of whether you've eaten. Our home care team in San Diego can help with all these tasks and make sure seniors eat well.
  • Pursuing new physical or mental challenges — The best way to prevent physical or cognitive decline is to stay active in both capacities. Discovering a new, joint-friendly exercise routine like Tai Chi or adopting a new, mentally stimulating hobby can help. Caregivers can help by accompanying seniors on outings and engaging them about their interests. 

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Healthy aging is possible when you have access to the help you need. Interim HealthCare of San Diego serves families across the following:

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