In Home Nurse in Imperial: Our Tips

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Posted: 3/31/2022 1:12 PM by Interim HealthCare

Medication management is an important part of keeping your loved one healthy. Yet, it can also be confusing and difficult. At Interim HealthCare of San Diego, we can help. As in home nurses, serving Imperial, San Diego, and nearby areas in CA, we know there are some simple, yet effective ways to manage all those medications your loved one is on. As a result, they won't miss doses or take medication improperly. Here's what to do to help.

  • Make a list of the medications they are on. This will ensure you know what they are taking and when. From there, create a daily plan that helps them keep track of which medications to take, at what time, what dosage, and whether they need to take it with food or not. Keep a copy of this list in their purse or wallet for appointments or if they need to go to the ER.
  • Sort their medications in a pill organizer. There are many options in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Find one that works for your loved one's needs and then use it to organize the pills they take each day. This will make it easier for them to avoid missing a dose.
  • Talk to their doctor. Make sure you are staying in contact with your loved one's doctor. Go to appointments with them and ask whether the medications they are on are still necessary. If you have a concern about a side effect, talk to their doctor about it.
  • Discuss issues with their pharmacist. Make sure you are discussing possible drug interactions with their pharmacist to avoid an adverse event. Even an over-the-counter medication can cause a problem. Use one pharmacy too, instead of several. This will make the process less confusing and help your loved one avoid the possibility of an interaction.  

Ready for Help from an In Home Nurse in Imperial?

Medication management can be complicated. If you'd like help, turn to Interim HealthCare of San Diego. We offer in home nurse care throughout Imperial and other nearby areas in and around San Diego. We can help with medication management solutions, wound care, physical therapy and more.

Beyond our home nurse help, we can also provide senior care services, such as home health aides who can assist your loved one with medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, and more. Whatever their needs, we can provide care that keeps them safe and comfortable at home.

Interim HealthCare of San Diego offers experienced care in the home in:

  • Imperial
  • San Diego
  • Chula Vista
  • San Diego County
  • And throughout other nearby areas

Looking for an in home nurse in Imperial, CA? Call Interim HealthCare of San Diego today at (858) 576-9501 for a no-obligation, in-home consultation.