How an In Home Nurse in San Diego Eases the Transition Home from Hospital

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Posted: 8/2/2019 12:27 PM by Interim HealthCare

After your loved one is discharged from the hospital, the last thing you want is for them to be re-admitted. Without proper care during the transition from hospital to home, this could be the case. Providing your loved one with an in home nurse in San Diego, CA can help make this time easier with home-based health services.

How an In Home Nurse Can Help

The change in environment and care during the transitional time can be tough on your loved one. Hiring an in home nurse can bridge the gap between hospital and home by bringing services and assistance into the home.

Here at Interim HealthCare of San Diego, we want to see your loved one recover in the peace of their own home. We have a staff of experienced nurses that are happy to assist your family. We offer the following home-based health services for your convenience:

  • Infusion therapy. Changing dosage or prescribing new medications and treatments is typical after a hospital stay. Should your loved one require medications administered via IV, our nurses can make this possible in the home.
  • Physical therapy. A frequent consequence of an injury or fall is limited mobility. With our physical therapy program, your loved one can regain their ability to walk and move around in the familiar setting of their home.
  • Wound care. For patients with complex skin conditions, including leg ulcers, colostomies, and incontinence, care can be provided in the home.
  • Chronic disease care. If your loved one is living with a chronic disease, like diabetes or congestive heart failure, we have specialized care programs that can provide support and assistance while they continue to live at home.

Having an in home nurse creates a convenient care plan that lessens the transportation to follow-up appointments. It can also give family members who live out of town peace of mind. When your loved one has an in home nurse, the benefits are tangible for you, your loved one, and your whole family.

Get Started with Interim HealthCare of San Diego

If you think your loved one could benefit from having an in home nurse, start the process today! You can speak with their primary physician and insurance providers to discuss eligibility and recommendations. Once you are ready to meet with a nurse, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with us. 

Interim HealthCare of San Diego is your local source for home based care in San Diego County. Call us today at (858) 576-9501 to learn more about our in home nurses in San Diego.