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This very comprehensive resource guide was created to help you with the often overwhelming responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one.  It flows in a specific order to walk you step by step through the assessment, risk analysis and then care process.  
  • Welcome Letter from Michael and Marlana Hawkins, Owners of Interim HealthCare SLC (Page 2)
  • What can Interim HealthCare SLC do for me? (Page 4)
  • Self Assessment Guide:  Take inventory of your current situation (Page 5-6)
  • Self Assessment Checklist (Page 7)
  • Why remaining at home and aging in place is best (Page 8-12)
  • What are your aging loved one’s greatest risks? (Page 13-14)
  • Is your home really safe?  Home Safety Checklist (Page 15)
  • Falls are your greatest threat:  How to minimize the risks (Page 16-21)
  • Medication Management Guide (Page 22-25)
  • Isolation and Loneliness: A silent but dangerous threat (Page 26-28)
  • Nutrition Tips For Your Aging Loved One (Page 29-30)
  • Home Health, Home Care, Hospice….What’s the Difference? (Page 31-33)
  • How do you pay for care? (Page 34-38)
  • Dementia and the GEMS State Model: Are you a Sapphire or Ruby? (Page 39-40)
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resources and Assessment Tools (Page 41-87)
  • Salt Lake County Senior Center Details (Page 88-100)
  • Salt Lake County 55 Plus Book (Page 101-262)

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