​How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One with Prescription Drug Safety?

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Posted: 2/19/2021 4:10 PM by Interim HealthCare
Does your elderly loved one have prescription drugs? If so, it is important for you and other family caregivers to know how to help your elderly loved one with prescription drug safety. You, the other family caregivers, and the elderly care providers can come up with a plan to keep your elderly loved one safe. Here are some tips that will allow you to do that. 

Medication List

One of the first things that someone should create is a medication list. Whether your elderly loved one is on 2 medications or 10, they should have an updated medication list. This list should be hung somewhere that your elderly loved one, their family caregivers, and their elderly care providers can see it. It should have what medications are to be taken, when they are to be taken, what dosage is to be taken, the reason for the medication, and any side effects. This way, anyone that is caring for your elderly loved one will know what to do and what side effects your elderly loved one might experience. 

Medication Storing Options

It is also very important that your elderly loved one’s medications are stored properly. If they have medications that they need to take every day, you should get them a prescription pill box or an automatic pill dispenser. If they have extra medications that they aren’t using at the moment, you can keep these in a safe. When it comes time for your elderly loved one to use those, you or the elderly care provider can get them out of the safe and put them in the pill box or pill dispenser. 

Use Only One Pharmacy

If your elderly loved one has multiple medications, you should get them from only one pharmacy. This will allow the doctor to keep track of where they are sending the medications. It will also help the pharmacy to get to know your elderly loved one and what medications they take. This way, if your elderly loved one, you, or one of their elderly care providers has questions about the medications, the pharmacy will better be able to answer those questions. 


These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one with prescription drug safety. By doing these tips, you can help ensure your loved one takes the right amount of medication, the right medications, and takes them at the right times. 


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Author: Michael and Marlena Hawkins, Owners, Interim HealthCare, Salt Lake City, UT

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