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Our Music Therapy Program

Music therapy program is an evidence-based practice that is remarkably well-suited to address many of the issues that arise at the end of life.

Our Board-Certified music therapist is trained to help reduce physical pain through live music assisted relaxation, and specific vocal techniques. To ease psychosocial concerns like anxiety, depressed mood, and withdrawal, musical experiences are also facilitated such as:

  • songwriting
  • music listening and conversation
  • movement to music

Music therapy, even in the absence of words, can decrease feelings of isolation, and provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. The associations and feelings evoked by music can facilitate, reminiscence and life review, which in turn affirms life. Music can create a connection with one’s history, community, and sense of being, helping us navigate the uncharted waters of loss. It can reach a person in a deeply personal way, and also has the ability to bring a family and community together. Indeed, music is a vessel that can help transport all of our experiences and feelings with utmost dignity and care, comforting us during our most difficult times while also helping us honor our humanity.

Our Board-certified music therapist has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and has completed the required 1200 hours of hands on training at a clinical site under the supervision of a music therapist.

Please do not hesitate to call our Hospice team at 916-779-0811 if your loved one will need/want a music therapist.

“My wife loves music. I am very pleased that she is able to experience music through this challenging journey. I am sure this is very comforting to her.” Walter Packard, husband of hospice patient.


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