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Client Reviews

Interim takes care of my mom. They provide good care and their caregivers interact well with her. All of their caregivers seem to really care about my mom. They are very flexible in their scheduling and easy to work with. J.B.

Interim Healthcare was very instrumental to my healing after my car accident. Very courteous and helpful staff. L.A

We have been using Interim Healthcare for over a year now. I’m very pleased with them. They’ve been helpful with securing people to stay with my mom. I like that the caregivers have been able to relate to her and form a personal bond. B.S.

We called Interim Healthcare as we needed assistance for my mother on very short notice. I didn’t expect them to be able to respond so quickly. They covered the overnight shifts and were very compassionate. They were very caring and very good for her. I continue to recommend them to others. They’re good folks. B.P.

Interim Healthcare is wonderful. My grandmother had an accident in August and we needed help right away. Interim has been keeping round-the-clock care. They have been amazing. The team is so caring and they’re like an extension of our family. The caregivers are kind, patient, sweet and very attentive to make sure nothing happens to her. M.S.

Interim Healthcare provided services for my father. They did a good job. He was a difficult patient. He needed 24 hour care and I was pleased with the caregivers. He had dementia and he was probably more difficult than an average patient. H.B.

Interim Healthcare provided help for my dad. It was very good. The caregivers were excellent. They were very cooperative and did everything we asked them to do. They were on-time and they assisted Dad with everything that he needed. L.T.

Interim Healthcare cared for my father-in-law during his final weeks. The family had little notice of the extent of or needs and Interim was available quickly to care for him and make life easier for his wife and the family. They provided compassionate care for him while doing so many other things going above and beyond when needed. C.H.

The overall experience with Interim Healthcare has been wonderful. They are with my mother 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are invaluable to her. We have several caregivers. We have been very pleased with the level of care, the experience and the compassion of the caregivers. The owners are tremendous advocates for the elderly and are both healthcare professionals. It is really comforting to know that someone is caring for my mother. M.K.

I’m using Interim Healthcare for my wife. The experience is excellent. Billing and scheduling is very business-like and we always have someone when I need it. If we have a problem and need additional help they are always able to provide it. C.S.