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Woodworking-Therapy Helps Patients With Traumatic Brain InjuriesThe Freedom Centers' structured day program is designed to help individuals wtih TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and individuals who are a part of the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver. The NHTD program is a New York State Medicaid Waiver program that offers individuals with disabilities and seniors who are eligible for nursing home placement to receive services in their home and community. This allows for a greater quality of care in the least restrictive setting possible.

Participants of The Freedom Center work towards further independence  and living with Traumatic Brain Injuries by improving their skills in areas such as:

  • Vocation
  • Art
  • Volunteering
  • Education
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Self advocacy
  • Health and Fitness
  • Transportation
  • Socialization
  • Memory
  • Computer Skills

Traumatic Brain Injury Patient-participating-in-Music-TherapyPatients with traumatic brain injuries, as well as those in the NHTD program will find stability and improved quality of life at The Freedom Center of Rochester, NY. Here they can enjoy the freedom to create their own schedule in a supportive setting.  Participants work with specially trained professionals to choose goals oriented towards their specific needs and desires. TBI patients can improve their lives with the supervision of our staff. The Freedom Center is a great opportunity for anyone looking for that next step. 
*Open to participants in the NHTD and TBI Medicaid Waiver Program.* Private Pay option is also available.

Home Care

Through trained health care professionals, Interim provides a broad array of home care services to meet the needs of each person who wants to remain in the comfort of his or her home. Our services are customized for each individual to meet their needs. This promotes the maximum amount of freedom so they can become as engaged with their usual daily activities as their health permits. Letting someone come into your home is an important decision. Most of us aren’t aware of everything we should think about when faced with this decision for ourselves or someone we care about. Interim HealthCare is a name that is trusted by physicians and patients to deliver appropriate high quality home care.

Healthcare Staffing

Today, the challenges of staffing have become much more complex. Facilities and other organizations have a growing need for qualified health care staff and employees are looking for more control with their careers. Interim HealthCare has become a leader in the development of a supplemental workforce. Our success is based on our ability to recruit the best professionals and our responsiveness to the needs of the community, since we are locally owned and operated. Our commitment to building strong relationships with both clients and our employees is what makes Interim a staffing leader. From extended block contracts to per diem shifts, our nurses and other health care professionals have job flexibility to meet their needs while achieving a high level of value for each of our customers.

Need Help at Home?

Send us your questions about home care or a specific request. We're here to help.