An Estimated 4,516 Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur in the U.S. Every Day!

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Posted: 4/4/2013 9:08 AM by Interim HealthCare
In the Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery community, we are extremely grateful that quite a bit of attention is now being paid to TBI by the media. Sports Icons and celebrities have opened people’s eyes to a major issue in the United States, one that costs upwards of $75 billion a year. Ironically sports injuries account for only a few traumatic brain injuries each year, most are caused by car accidents. It is estimated that doctors see over a million patients a year who have experienced some form of traumatic brain injury ranging from mild concussions to TBI’s that can cause long term coma or even death. As many as 100,000 of those have prolonged symptoms that effect their daily lives including the ability to work.

In order to help people recover from traumatic brain injuries, we must understand what causes them and the full effect that it can have on patients, families and society in general. Most TBI’s are caused by bleeding on the brain and swelling. Doctors used to believe that an open head wound was far worse than an injury that did not fracture the skull. This has actually been disproven. Today Doctors know that when a patient has an open head wound they are less likely to have long term symptoms because there is room for the brain tissue to expand without causing pressure. On the other hand, when a patient experiences a closed head injury, torn blood vessels can cause bleeding and being bounced around can cause brain tissue to swell. Without an opening for that pressure to be relieved pressure can build in the skull and damage vital areas of the brain.

This can cause functional loss of skills, both motor and social. Sadly, many patients can no longer work or contribute to the world in the same way they did before their TBI. Patients can become extremely frustrated and depressed after suffering from traumatic brain injuries. In short, they need help.

While function may be limited in TBI patients, with help, people suffering from traumatic brain injuries can improve function by relearning vocational and social skills that will improve quality of life for patient and family. Many TBI patients can become productive members of society by setting goals, making new friends and learning new skills at facilities such as The Freedom Center in Rochester, NY , with guidance from trained professionals who work with them closely.

We are very happy when people take an interest in TBI patients as we believe that the more people learn about it, the more help will be available to help with rehabilitation and recovery from traumatic brain injuries.