Senior Care in Redding: When is it time?

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Posted: 1/21/2019 1:40 PM by Interim HealthCare

It's not pleasant to think about, but when it comes to keeping your parents healthy and happy in the home they love, your family needs to be prepared. Common issues like arthritis and dementia creep up quickly for seniors, especially if you and your loved ones aren't familiar with the early signs of age-related decline. By picking up on certain signals sooner rather than later, your family can put a senior care plan in place with a provider in Redding, CA to make sure your parents have the support they need when they need it.

Seek Out Early Signs of Decline

Consider starting an open discussion about how your loved ones are doing at home and whether or not they could benefit from senior care if you notice any of the following changes when you see them:

  • Home seems dirtier or more neglected. An unusually overgrown yard, stained countertops, broken appliances, or unexplained scuffs on the walls are all small visual clues that something might be amiss at your parents' home. 
  • Poorer hygiene or messier appearance. Odor (especially urine), rumpled clothes, stained teeth, and disheveled hair may indicate trouble with bathing, dressing, or general grooming.
  • Difference in personality or behavior. Mood swings, lower spirits, or a lack of confidence talking about or doing something they know well could be a sign of cognitive concerns.

When to Call Interim HealthCare of Redding About Senior Care

The ideal time to look into senior care for your parents in Redding is before they're actively unable to look after themselves at home. Many aspects of getting older can make some basic tasks more difficult, but don't necessarily mean that your loved ones aren't safe living at home. This is a good time to start looking into senior care options so you'll already have an established relationship with a care provider if and when your parents' needs become more serious. It also gives you the chance to speak with your loved ones about their preferences and any concerns they may have.

Interim HealthCare of Redding has provided quality senior care in Redding, Shasta County, and Tehama County for years. We offer personalized care plans for every family, which can include Alzheimer's care, assistance with basic tasks, regular scheduled outings, and other services as needed. Call us today at (530) 221-1212 to schedule a consultation or learn more about what we do.

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