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Our Caregivers

Interim HealthCare uses a family centered approach to care for your loved one which will give you peace of mind knowing they are in caring hands.

care givers working with Interim healthCare take a family based approach to care.

What the family center approach means to you:


It is important to keeps the lines of communication open when it come to the care of your loved one. As changes happen with the care plan or health conditions we will communicate to the appropriate contacts. It is our policy for caregivers to communicate with the care managers. Care Management Support is available to our caregivers and clients 24 hours a day. Interim HealthCare also like to here feedback from our clients.

Safety and Security:

You can feel safe knowing that Interim HealthCare employees are screened, insured and supervised. They meet our high standard of quality and demonstrate a true compassion for what they do. You deserve the best and you get it with Interim the nations leading home care provider with more than 40 years of experience.

Caregivers employed by Interim HealthCare comply with the following standards:

Telephony and Time Documentation:

Our care professional use the client’s phone to clock in and out of their shift by calling an 800 number. At the end of each shift the care professional will document the tasks done for that shift.  This information, within minutes, is communicated back to the offices staff to review for accurate time and documentation to ensure correct billing to be generated. Notifications are sent to office staff if a shift does not start within 15 minutes of the start time so office staff can communicate to find out if care professional is on shift or why the shift did not start on time.      


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At Interim HealthCare, we know what to look for when it comes to whether a loved one can remain safe and independent in their own home. This simple and free quiz can help guide you when making that important decision.

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This testimonial is given for Nurse Asia Zafir who is caregiver for me and my wife. she is an outstanding professional in her duties. She has caught over-subscribing meds for my wife, of which the Dr agreed and sent a compliment for her on catching the problem. For me who had a heart attack three years ago and had breathing problems so bad I could not function properly for the whole time, she caught  poor lung function and put me on the breath unit that you exercise your lungs, and within two days I was able to walk around without physical fatigue and now almost back to full strength. Her professional knowledge seems excellent and her calm caring personality is a pleasure to see each visit. Getting her to smile is a challenge of which I get great pleasure. She is very caring and through on all commitments to recommendations to Drs for suggestions and diagnosis. I have seen over the years many nurses, and Asia is one of the best I have encountered.
Mr. Oleary