Senior Care in Racine & Kenosha Counties: When is it time?

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Posted: 2/26/2019 2:57 PM by Interim HealthCare

If you're looking into senior care options for your parents in Racine and Kenosha Counties, you may have already seen something concerning. Perhaps, during your last visit, you noticed that their home looked shabbier than usual. Or maybe you've noticed that Dad's joint pain, which only used to crop up and now then, is becoming a constant source of frustration. Whatever has lead you to look up local senior care resources, you probably have one big, intimidating question in mind: How can you be sure when your parents need care? 

Does Something Seem Off?

Think about any changes you may have observed the last few times you've seen them. Given that you, as well as your parents, might not want to admit that your loved ones need professional care — for a number of completely understandable reasons — it's important to be as objective as possible about what has changed. 

If you have a feeling something is off, but you aren't sure what to look for or when to consult a senior care professional, consider whether any of the following warning signs could apply: 

  • They seem more absentminded and confused. Your parents might find it difficult to stay focused or complete basic tasks, including ones they should know very well. 
  • They're getting more forgetful. Your parents have accidentally missed appointments or missed a dose or two of medications they take regularly. They don't seem to remember new information you share, either, such as the date of an upcoming visit. Their forgetfulness can also extend to their finances, with an extreme example being that their utilities get shut off because they haven't paid their bills.
  • They don't look their best. Your parents appear to be neglecting their personal hygiene, their clothing, and other aspects of their appearance. They may smell of body odor or slightly of urine.
  • Their home has gotten messier or fallen into disrepair. Even if your parents' home has always been on the messy side, you might notice an increase in clutter, dust, and debris. Look for mountains of untouched mail, old appliances that no longer work, and signs that basic household chores aren't being done. 

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