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Interim Team 17

The Interim Team 17 concept was developed and implemented as an incentive reward for Interim Healthcare employees who have achieved excellence in their individual role within our company.

Members of Interim Team 17 are superior performers and are considered elite representatives within our organization, who have performed their job duties in a manner that has either improved our reputation or enhanced the organizational bottom line, while enhancing their particular job description, significantly.

These individuals are considered as "The Best of The Best" and have helped form the outstanding “culture” that currently exists within the Interim community of employees.

Below is a list of people whom belong to Team 17
RN, Chief Operating Officer, 17 years of service: 

Leads with her heart; one who makes her employees want to do their absolute very BEST every day. Sets a high bar of excellence, but rewards her team regularly when they rise above.

Business Development Representative:

Has earned the position of TOP producing BDR for Interim of Oklahoma. The “creator” of Interim Team 17; taking a lead role in working to help our company desire to achieve 5 star status. A true supporter of our veterans and their families.

KNOWS her patients (dogs, family). Represents Interim at community events (even on her weekends)! Went PRN to FT to assist with our significant growth. Took a leadership role over our facility patients and sets up regular meetings with our staff to discuss facility patients.

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