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About Interim HealthCare of Oakmont, CA

Cathy Olsen, CSA - Owner of Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa, CA

Our service model is built on the belief that living in the comfort of your own home can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

That's why we're dedicated to delivering In-home Senior Care Services with unmatched compassion. Interim HealthCare employs an experienced staff of homecare experts that deliver care with integrity and take pride in making a difference to those who need it most.

Cathy Olsen, owner of Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa and Oakmont, joined the Interim family in 2007  as the Branch Manager for the Chico, CA office.

"My Interim story begins after losing my Mother to cancer on December 22, 2006. It was time to get back into working life after being a long distance caregiver and traveling back and forth to Minnesota every 4-6 weeks. One of the things my Dad said to me after my mom passed was “I hope you do something with this gift you have of working with seniors”. It really resonated with me and I started my job search with a new perspective. I decided to apply for the CSR position in Chico."

After many years learning the business, Cathy's father became ill and once again, she found herself traveling to Minnesota.

"My Father shared everything with me as he aged, his feelings, frustrations, the disease process, regrets and dreams. This really helped to instill my respect for the elderly and empathy for what they were going through. Everything I learned professionally carried over in my personal life and what I learned from him carried over professionally. On February 5, 2014 (my 7 year anniversary with Interim) my Dad made the decision he did not want to suffer any longer and he passed on February 6, 2014. As with my mother, I was by his side when he passed. I felt it was an honor to be there for both of them in their final days and grateful I was able to express my feelings and say good bye as they departed our world."

After taking some time off to mourn her father's passing, Cathy returned to work. She loved her job but felt like she needed something "more."

"I received a phone call from a past caregiver who was now living in Santa Rosa and she asked how she could work for Interim in her town. I informed her she needed to buy a franchise and open an office. She wasn’t at the point in her life to do it and she jokingly said I should do it and she would come back and work for me. That stuck in the back of my mind. Then it hit me…I need to open an Interim HealthCare office of my own. I already know the business model and it is an organization I have always been proud to work for. Now I could focus my attention in a new market and be able to offer the best quality of life for more people and jobs for exceptional Care Professionals.

That set the dream in motion of being a business owner and January 2015 Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa opened it's doors for business with the focus of providing the best quality of care in Sonoma County.

Our primary mission is "To Improve People's Lives" and that is what we do every day.

To schedule your No-Obligation in-home evaluation, or to learn more about homecare services call our Oakmont, CA office at (707) 843-3838


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