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Bereavement Program

                                                    Interim Hospice of Oakland County Bereavement Program
Interim Hospice of Oakland County offers a bereavement program after the death of a loved one. This service is part of the hospice benefit and is provided at no cost.   Even after that time, we are always available to listen and help you work through your grief. 

As soon as the patient is admitted on to Interim Hospice of Oakland County services: 
A bereavement assessment of the risk/needs of the patient, family and primary caregiver(s) will be completed by the nurse case manager upon admission and ongoing throughout the care continuum.  A bereavement plan of care will be initiated and modified as needed. Our Bereavement Program provides support and guidance to patients and to their family members and caregivers for up to 13 months following the death of a loved one.
Bereavement services may include:
  •  One-on-one or family counseling visits with a focus on processing grief and loss events (both past and present) and evaluating and identifying positive ways to cope and support systems already in use.
  •  Phone support contacts 
  •  Education and information on the grieving process (including newsletters).
  •  Referral to outside support groups, counselors, agencies, resources. 
  • Bereavement Companions
  •  Memorial Celebration Services
       After your loved one has passed:
  • A member of the bereavement team will call whomever is listed as the primary caregiver after your loved one has passed.
  •  A member of the bereavement team will offer to coordinate a visit to whomever the primary caregiver determines may benefit from on-going bereavement support. 
  • Visits can be requested at any time by calling our main number 248-553-3333
  •  Bereavement services are available up to 13 months after your loved one has passed, and can continue, in certain circumstances, even after 13 months. 
  • Even if the patient or caregiver initially declines services, bereavement services can be started at any time during the hospice program, at the request of the primary caregiver or patient.  Let any staff member know that you are interested and the Bereavement Coordinator can get in touch with you!
  •  Any one receiving bereavement services will receive a closing letter after 13 months to let you know of the end to the bereavement services.

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