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About Us

 Mission Statement - We improve people’s lives.

Core Values

Integrity – We act openly and truthfully in all that we do and comply with laws and regulations.  We believe honesty, integrity, organization, balance, and quality of life are integral to success. 

Compassion – We care about other’s needs through caring, empathy and human kindness. We value different viewpoints and respect individual experiences and cultures.

Customer Focus – We genuinely listen, respect and respond to customers. We have a “can-do” attitude.  We are positive, upbeat, flexible, and focused.

Innovation - We initiate, develop, adapt, and improve everything we do to continually find a better way, doing everything more effectively, thoroughly and efficiently. 

Fiscal and Personal Responsibility - We know and acknowledge our responsibilities and live up to our commitments.  We admit our mistakes and fix them and take responsibility for our work.   We continue to grow, adapt and improve.

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