Home Health Care in Morristown: Bringing Top-Quality Care to Your Doorstep

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Posted: 7/31/2020 7:26 AM by Interim HealthCare

A little extra support goes a long way, especially for those struggling with health-related concerns. Our home health care services are the perfect way for patients in Morristown to bridge the gap between hospital and home as they provide personalized support from a qualified health care professional. With our team of local professionals by your side, you can come home from the hospital sooner and avoid a costly readmission. 

Our Home Health Care Services

Our team in Morristown includes physical therapists, registered nurses and trained home health care aides who can offer a range of services tailored to meet your individual needs. We can even work directly with your primary medical team to create a plan for home health care services that gives you the maximum level of support you require.

Some of the services we offer in Morristown include:

  • Home Health Care - If you're on the mend after a surgery or other in-hospital procedure, our team of clinically qualified health care professionals can provide you with many types of in-home support, including medication management, IV care, wound care and more to help you stay on track to a speedy recovery.
  • Chronic Disease Management - Patients living with COPD, diabetes and other chronic conditions can learn to manage the symptoms of their disease and live more comfortably with the help of one of our highly skilled nurses. 
  • Pediatric Care - We provide expert support for our smallest patients, including chronically ill children, premature babies and their families by delivering top-quality care at home so they don't need to endure unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Committed to Creating a Happier, Healthier Morristown

At Interim HealthCare of East Tennessee, it's our mission to make Morristown a happier, healthier place for all who live there by providing home health care services that improve the lives of patients across the community. In addition to possessing exceptional skills, our caregivers also display outstanding strength of character. When you partner with us, you can rest easier knowing you've arranged high-quality care for yourself or a loved one.

We're proud to offer our services to the communities of:

  • Morristown
  • Sevierville
  • Jefferson City
  • Newport
  • Rogersville
  • Towns in the surrounding areas

Call Interim HealthCare of East Tennessee at (423) 587-8771 to learn more about our home health care services in Morristown and book a no-cost, no-obligation assessment today.