How to Ease Consistent Pain

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Posted: 9/18/2017 3:08 PM by Interim HealthCare
Pain is a common occurrence among many adults. Regardless of what the underlying cause of this may be, individuals must learn how to live with the pain and reduce it in any way they can. This is easier said than done, however, as people - and especially seniors - need to learn how to efficiently identify and deal with this pain on their own without increasing the risk of related health problems. 

A recent study from the American Pain Society found that nearly one-fifth of all adults in the U.S., nearly 39 million people, have some kind of persistent pain. The most common place where people experience pain is in their knees, shoulders or back. The study also noted that women were at a higher risk of experiencing this pain, and it was more prevalent in older adults than their younger counterparts. Pain has also been shown to lead to depression.

Exercising with pain can be tough for anyone, but it's also an essential practice. Sometimes the only way to get past the pain is to work through it. The Mayo Clinic noted that physical activity increases strength and flexibility, decreases joint pain and can even improve a person's pain tolerance and mood. 

There are all kinds of excuses not to exercise, but all can be overcome. Too hot or cold outside? Try walking in a shopping mall or joining a gym that has an indoor pool. Too tired to exercise? Push through it a few times and you will realize that exercising actually gives you more energy. Don’t have enough time? Fit it into your daily life with a few simple adjustments like taking stairs or parking at the back of the lot and walking in.

Walking, swimming and yoga have all been shown to reduce pain and increase flexibility and tolerance levels. The question becomes one of motivation; do you feel badly enough to do something about it?

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