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Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy


Skilled Therapy Services
Skilled therapeutic services are provided by physical or occupational therapists, or by speech language pathologists.  Their job is to work with a wide variety of clients, adult and pediatric, that may be functionally or cognitively impaired.  They work with patients to improve their functionality and move them toward higher levels of independence.  There are also specialty services for those undergoing joint replacement surgery.  Home-based therapy is available to increase patient comfort, and to work with them in the environment in which they live.  Family involvement is encouraged throughout the rehabilitation process. 
Physical Therapy (PT) For Regaining Function
Due to either injury or disease, the role of the physical therapist is to help the individual work through their physical problem and get them to their maximal level of functioning.  Physical therapists also work with individuals to prevent mobility loss and help them develop fitness-and-wellness programs in order to facilitate more active lifestyles. 
Physical therapy may be appropriate for someone who has experienced:

  • A loss of balance
  • A fall
  • Difficulty walking
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Hip or knee replacement surgery
  • A stroke
  • Heart failure
  • A heart attack
  • Any noticeable decline in overall functioning
Occupational Therapy (OT) For Everyday Activities 
An occupational therapist helps focus on the individual’s abilities to perform various types of everyday life activities.  Occupational therapy promotes patient independence by helping them improve the required skills, or teaching them new skills or ways to successfully perform daily functions. 
A doctor’s referral is required in order to receive Occupational Therapy services.  Once that requirement has been met, a customized treatment plan will be created, based on the results of a thorough evaluation.  Your personalized treatment plan will encompass the necessary daily tasks needed for functioning and will help you meet your priorities and personal goals.  Your personal physical abilities, psychological state, social well-being and various environmental factors are each taken into consideration when developing your individualized care plan. 
Occupational therapy address day-to-day activities such as eating or getting dressed.  It may be prescribed after:
  • Hip or knee replacement surgery
  • A stroke
  • Heart failure
  • A heart attack
  • Hand, arm or joint pain
  • Dressing difficulty
  • Difficulty eating meals
  • Declining memory
  • Any noticeable decline in overall functioning
Speech and Language Therapy (ST) For Regaining Independence
Speech therapy focuses on our abilities to understand words and enhancing the ability to use words for self-expression.  It can also help individuals improve their breathing, speech or swallowing functioning.  This therapy may be appropriate for those who have suffered with:
  • A stroke
  • A heart attack
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty speaking

These services are available at these locations:

Amarillo Austin | Brownfield | Bryan | Corpus Christi | Dallas | Granbury | Levelland | Lubbock | Midland | New Braunfels | Pampa | Plainview | San Antonio | Temple | Waco

New Mexico:
Clovis Hobbs | Portales | Roswell


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