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Chronic disease management


Living with CAD
Your physician has referred you to Interim HealthCare, particularly for our Living with Coronary Artery Disease at Home Program.  You may have just suffered a heart attack, were hospitalized or your doctor may believe that your CAD may be better managed at home – either way, your doctor has asked us to assist you in taking control of your heart disease.  The professionals at Interim HealthCare understand that living with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is an everyday challenge.  Our skilled team of nurses, therapists and social workers are here, ready to work with you and your doctor in order to help take control of your disease and put you on the trajectory toward a healthier life.
Living With COPD 
Here at Interim HealthCare, we understand that living with COPD is a struggle and our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals are here to help you reach your goals of management and healthier living.  You have been referred to us by your physician to our Living With COPD at Home Program for better management and to give you, the patient, a higher level of control over your care.  Our team consists of Registered Nurses, Physical and Operational Therapists, and a Social Worker.  We will be working with you and your family over the course of the next several weeks in the following areas:

  • Learning and understanding your disease and the various things that can contribute to its overall impact on your well-being
  • Understanding disease monitoring and what steps to take when symptoms worsen
  • Managing all prescribed medications – not just respiratory medications
  • Covering nutrition and other various life habits to assess the impact of routine behaviors on your COPD
  • Learning what your “safe zone” is and how to appropriately exercise within that range
  • Learning what your particular warning signs are and adjustments and precautions needed to make to avoid a hospital visit
  • Assisting you in effective communication with your physician
Living With Diabetes 
You have been referred to us by your doctor for our wonderful Living with Diabetes Program for helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle and better management of your diabetes.  Our team is here to guide you and provide the necessary services to make this possible.  Our team of specially skilled registered nurses, therapists and social workers are dedicated to working with you to take more control of your diabetes.  We are here to help you adjust and educate you in the following areas:
  • Diabetes education and the various factors that have an impact on your disease
  • How to properly monitor your diabetes and what to do when your insulin levels are not where they need to be
  • Management of all medications – not just your insulin
  • Understanding the impact that your lifestyle habits can have over your diabetes and its symptoms – including nutrition education
  • Learning appropriate exercise habits within your “safe zone”
  • Being mindful of your diabetes symptoms and the potential negative impact of those on your skin or nerve tissues
  • Assisting in effective communication with your physician
Living With Heart Failure 
Around 61 million Americans (approximately one-fourth of the population) has some form of cardiovascular disease, with 6 million cardiovascular related hospitalizations each year.  Our team at Interim commonly works with heart failure, as this is the most common reason for a hospital stay among those with Medicare and is a significant contributor to disability.  Our Living With Heart Failure program offers the necessary resources necessary to improve both financial and clinical outcomes for our patients.

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I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your help with my Mom. She has grown very close to a couple of your care givers. Everyone is prompt and considerate of her needs. It’s comforting to know I have people who I can count on.
Sylvia R.